​Playing Video Games on PC vs Game Consoles

​Playing Video Games on PC vs Game Consoles 1

When you hear these words, you know – the Internet holy war will start soon. PC and consoles are equal parts of the market, but gamers can’t agree with their equality. And there are some massive reasons for it. The biggest problem, as usual, is about corporate rules and some technical issues.

Let’s speak frankly: this arguing has nothing to do with free slots and other online casino activities. The modern consoles, of course, have browsers with full-functioning surfing. Even more: no TV consoles today do not require an online activation or an Internet connection during gaming. But, of course, we are mainly working with the Web via PC. And almost all modern casinos are functioning via Internet technologies. 

And for serious gambling, of course, you need a separate platform. Some of the genres are working great on smartphones, but the classic hits are developed primarily for the most powerful devices and the big screen. Modern smartphones can upscale a picture, but they can’t compute an “honest” 2K or 4K frame with advanced graphic options. And you can’t play on the smartphone for more than several hours. Also, the mobile Internet is an issue. It’s expensive, and in a lot of countries, it doesn’t have a broadband connection. For great justice: these countries usually are poor and can’t have a proper gambling set.

So, what is the best choice? There is no definitive answer. Let’s see the merits and flaws of both sides. Beware: the price comparison is relative at the beginning of the spring of 2021. The situation can change drastically.


Is PC gambling a pinnacle of technologies?

Technically, yes, it is. Every single CG element is created and rendered on the PC platform. An average gamer has much less powerful electronics but all the testing sets are on PC. Yes, even for console hits. Specialized gambling devices can only reproduce content, not help to make it from scrap. But for an average gambler, it is not the main factor.

The game tweaking is available only on PC. Consoles also have a lot of graphic settings. The PC options are much heavier. All the exciting mods that you have seen on Youtube or everywhere else made for PC versions. The consoles have a strict set of microelectronic elements locked by the vendor. These are the group of branded computers for a business class previously assembled in the factory without a mere possibility of mods. These are work terminals. And, at least, you can build your PC. Consoles don’t give you a chance.

When you are assembling a PC – you can choose a ventilation system, an external look, you even can build a computer right on the wall (it is not very safe and convenient, though. But the possibility exists). With the consoles, you always have the same body and problems of overheat, dust, and construction flaws. And you have to wait for the next console generation.

The next big thing is the modding community. The allowance of mods depends on the policy of the game developer. The problem is with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo – the lead three console vendors. These companies sometimes allow mods, but only from the workshop and after checking settings.

Also, there are almost PC-only genres of video games. All the classic strategies are almost impossible to play with a gamepad or joystick. The same thing is with some hardcore simulator games. And practically all of the MMORPGs are run on desktops. Sometimes you need dozens of keys that are permanently on duty. Even more: a whole class of expensive mechanical gadgets that give a possibility to make 10-15 keystrokes at the time.

The biggest problem with PCs today is the price of the components. As for the end of spring 2021, the world is in the depth of deficit and misery. Miners and pandemics make the market explode. That’s why you should wait for a new PC for some time.

Consoles are cozy but bounded

In the PS3 era, consoles were something completely different. Today they are almost the same with desktops. For Microsoft Xbox devices, this is an obvious thing. Nearly all of the main chips for consoles are based on AMD and AMD Radeon graphics. But why is the migration from PC and back so difficult?

First of all, copyright. It is the bane of a lot of Japanese developers and publishers. You can’t play Bayonetta 2 on PC, even on the modern PlayStation. A lot of famous titles from Atlus never were released on the newer PS consoles. And they will never be published on the desktop.

The largest merits of the consoles are their convenience. The pure plug-and-play principle in its primal meaning. Although, the patches are necessary today. Your console updates automatically, without interference. You sit before a large TV and have fun. Many genres are born on consoles: classic battles, some actions, some action RPGs (especially from Japan). Almost all of the hits today have usual steering options both on PC and console.

The upgrade of the console is impossible within one generation. You can buy a larger capacity hard drive or SSD. This policy allows achieving great adaptation and resource management. Unlike the PC with dozens of vendors, every console comes under one umbrella. You buy Switch or PlayStation – and you know all about their features from Nintendo and Sony. But also, this structure is very rigid. The game designers have to stay within one hardware asset for a long time. For example, the PS3 was relatively more than eight years old! 

The next thing is legacy. Sony has done a great job on compatibility, but the remasters of old modifications give you a new problem. Sometimes the masterpiece of yore will not work on modern devices. The same thing is with the PC, but you have more possibilities to emulate it on a desktop.

In conclusion, we have to say that gamers should choose titles and only then – the platform. Microsoft hasn’t exclusive games at all, but Sony and Nintendo both have many excellent titles. And a passionate gamer will always check them.

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