10 Exquisite Furniture Stores Victoria, BC

furniture stores victoria

Furniture is a product that makes the home perfect, and everyone wants to have the best furniture and furniture mattress of their choice so that they can make their dream home. There are many furniture stores Victoria, BC, which helps the customers in choosing the best furniture for them, they can also check out the stores nearby, and if you are in Victoria, BC, you have a variety of stores that produces beautiful furniture from decades. 

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Victoria, BC, located in Canada, has various furniture and mattress store that are listed down below, which you should visit before investing in furniture mattresses and decorate your home to be your house of dreams.

Top Furniture Stores Victoria BC

1. Ashley Homestores

Ashley Homestores is a local furniture store at 1652 Island Highway, Victoria, BC. Established in 1945, regarded as one of the most trusted partners and stylish furniture for every household. The store is considered one of the best-selling furniture and furniture mattress stores with its different outlets in 46 locations worldwide. Ashley Homestores knows exactly how to bring the best value in furniture and mattresses to nearly every household. The passion they have for designing, manufacturing, and selling furniture mattresses has improved to its best in these all years.


Ashley Homestores has a specialty in many categories of furniture like sofas, chairs, bedroom beds, office and home furniture, nightstands, mattresses, and many more kinds of stuff.

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2. Dodd’s Furniture And Mattress 

Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress is located on Vancouver Island and has been the largest furniture and furniture mattress store around the area. Established in1977, Many reviews from the customers say that the staff there is very professional and recommends very good opinions and friendly. The store launches a lot of offers occasionally, and there are also known for hosting fundraisers for natural calamities like earthquakes, tornadoes, etc., as well as sponsoring local sports groups and donate furniture mattresses to charity auctions and disaster management clubs.


Dodd’s Furniture has various specialties in the bucket like furniture mattresses for the living room, bedrooms, coffee tables, cabinets and chairs, desks, and every household furniture mattress you could possibly require for the house.

3. Monarch Furniture 

Established in 2006, Monarch furniture has new and modern designs. With over fourteen years of experience in the market, they have made their strong presence among their customers. Monarch Furniture specializes in timber-made furniture mattresses and handcrafted designs. They even offer free parking facilities for the customers visiting their showroom.


Monarch Furniture specializes in furniture for every corner of the house, whether it’s living, dining, kitchen, or any other place in the house. They even make nightstands, sofas, and many other pieces of furniture.

4. Insideout Home Store

Inside Home Store, the store furniture house is located at 1627 Store St, Victoria. With the experience of over 24 years, they know what suits best for their customers and their requirements.  The owner of the Inside home store is also a designer and specializes in custom furniture mattresses for every corner of the house. The Coastal-inspired accessories and rugs suit perfectly every space in the house.


Inside Home Store has expertise in custom-made furniture as per the customer’s choice. They mold the designs that suit the house best as well as for the ones who are living there.


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Finding the best furniture which fits your requirement is really crucial, searching in furniture stores Victoria, BC can be confusing due to the large variety of offers and services the stores offers.

5. PigeonHole Home Store

The furniture house PigeonHole home store is located at 1606 Stanley Ave, Victoria, the edge of Oak Bay. Owned by a local designer, it is famous for its antique cabinets, beautiful tables & bedroom linens, tableware, candles sourced afar, and also lighting fixtures. The store also offers a line of new products for the customers of different choices. The store imports its products from Canada, Australia, Japan, England, and Denmark.


The PigeonHole Home Store specializes in antique products and beautiful artifacts and mattresses. They offer the best kind of products, which are unique that attract a lot of customers towards the store.

6. Luxe Home Interiors 

Store located at 565 Yates Steet, Victoria. The Luxe Home Interiors offers modern and best furniture for every type of customer and their household requirements. Luxe Home Interiors specializes in new and modern furniture as well as antiques furniture and artifacts for decorations. Customers reviews of the store say employees are very passionate and enthusiastic about giving good recommendations to the customers.


The Luxe Home Interiors specializes in modern-day furniture and beautiful antiques, custom as well as well-prepared, store offers the best range of furniture mattresses. The furniture can also be showcased as in the house due to its unique and beautiful features.

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7. The Brick

The Brick Furniture showroom is situated at 2835 Douglas Street, Victoria. The store serves more than ordinary furniture and furniture mattresses. The store is best for contemporary designs for home furniture with many mixed designs and the best brands in the market. The reviews and feedback about the staff of the stores are very positive, and product ratings are also very high, the staff is very friendly and offers the best advice to the customers. Due to the wide selection of products, customers have many choices in front of them in various offers, which helps in finding the perfect furniture and furniture mattress for their houses.


The Brick has a wide variety of accessories and designs of furniture for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and also every type of home accessories. The store also sells the best brands of furniture as well as accepts orders of customized furniture and furniture mattresses.

8. Urban Barn Furniture

Located at 3450 Uptown Blvd, Victoria, right next to the trans-Canada highway. The Urban Barn Furniture store has held a good impression among their customers for serving them with the best quality furniture. The store has a large variety of contemporary furniture and furniture mattresses, which are very pleasing to the eyes and fits every need. Store employees also try their best to understand their customers and recommend the best for them.


The Urban Barn Furniture specializes in contemporary furniture designs that are eye-catching as well as have good strength, and lasts long. There are furniture options available for the dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and almost every corner of the house. They even make tea tables, chairs, sofas, and business office tables.

9. Wood Furniture 

Wood Furniture is serving its customers for more than 20 years, located at 1721 Hillside Victoria. Wood Furniture is an independently owned furniture store that delivers quality furniture at very reasonable prices and always keeps an offer going for the customers. Wood furniture is known for made-to-order and customized furniture. The store promises to build solid wood furniture that would last long.

Wood furniture also tries to build authentic and reliable furniture and furniture mattresses for the city of Victoria. Every product in the furniture store goes through a series of examinations before coming to the display for the customers. They make furniture and furniture mattresses with Mapple, Alder, Oak, and rubberwood tree wood, which are considered to be one of the best in quality around the world.


Wood Furniture houses mostly popular made-to-order and customized furniture. As the customer requires, they try their best to make so and make the best-fit furniture and furniture mattresses for their customers. The store specializes in kitchen and dining tables, bed frames, wardrobes, bookcases, tea tables, pool benches, and every product that comes under household requirements.

10. Max Furniture

Max Furniture is a family-owned and operated furniture store at 3460 Quadra St, Victoria. Max furniture offers a variety of sizes and configuration options of furniture and furniture mattresses. The store employees always give the best advice to their customers, sorting out their confusion before buying the furniture. The ratings of this family-owned furniture store are also good. 


Max furniture specializes in manufacturing furniture that can fit every corner of the room, whether it’s home or office. They try their best to make such furniture which will not make customers regret the decision of choosing them.

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These are the many furniture stores Victoria, BC, from which you can choose any of the stores to have the furniture and furniture mattress of your choice. For furniture that fits your requirement, whether it’s custom or well manufactured, choosing the right store is important. 

You should make a list of requirements and types of furniture and furniture mattresses you are interested in exploring and then visit the furniture and furniture mattress stores. You can compare it with other stores, then purchase the furniture and furniture mattress that suits you best in all ways.

So that you can have the furniture which can make your home a dream home, visiting every store gives you an idea of different offers and discounts that every store gives to attract customers.

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