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11 Biggest International Lotteries You Can Join

Some of the world’s biggest lotteries include Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, the Italian SuperEnalotto, and the EuroJackpot. Many everyday people are unaware that they can legally play lotteries internationally or in other jurisdictions. The largest lotteries have roots in North America, Europe and beyond. The most exciting part is there’s no need to relocate. Join in on the excitement.

You can play almost any lottery anywhere within specific parameters by ordering tickets online. Discover all the lotteries you can participate in worldwide. 

1. Mega Millions

Mega Millions, formerly The Big Game, is one of America’s largest lotteries. It is drawn every Tuesday and Friday evening. The minimum jackpot is $20 million, paid in 30 yearly payments unless the winner chooses the cash option. Each game costs $2 to play. Its biggest jackpot ever was $1.58 billion awarded in 2018.

2. Lotto Max

Lotto Max is one of Canada’s biggest lotteries. It was first introduced in 2009. Lotto Max hosts the draws Tuesday and Friday. It is the first lottery to approach the size of larger jackpots typically found in the US. A player must match all seven numbers in the main draw to win.

The minimum jackpot prize is $10 million. The largest jackpot in its history was $55 million awarded in 2015.

3. Powerball Lottery

The Powerball lottery is overseen by the Multi-State Lottery Association in the US, the same organization managing Mega Millions. Powerball is drawn Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Each play costs $2-$3. Its minimum jackpot is a $20 million annuity, organized similarly to Mega Millions and other American lotteries. The largest Powerball lottery jackpot ever was $2.1 billion awarded in 2022.

4. EuroMillions

EuroMillions, a multinational lottery, demands a precise selection of seven numbers to claim the jackpot. Initially introduced in 2004, this lottery game entertains players from the UK, France, and Spain. It also attracts players from Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland.

The average ticket price for EuroMillions is $2.50, with draws held every Tuesday and Friday evening. Unlike American lotteries, EuroMillions offers tax-free rewards – jackpot included – and pays out in one satisfying lump sum.

5. EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot is another transnational lottery. It launched in 2012 with many smaller European nations participating as a sister lottery to EuroMillions. EuroJackpot costs $2, and its jackpot begins at $10 million, increasing to a maximum of $120 million. EuroJackpot is about matching seven numbers across a 62-number multi-tier panel.

6. Mexico Melate

Melate is Mexico’s top lottery game and one of the country’s longest-running lottos. Draws are held every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The minimum jackpot is $1.7 million with no rollover or jackpot cap. To win, one must have the correct six numbers. There are several ways to play Melate online. Many dedicated lotto players view this Mexican lotto as one of the top international lotteries you can join.

7. Japan Lotto 7

Japan Lotto 7 requires a winner to have matching seven numbers. Draws are held Friday. The game is played with numbers between 1 and 37. The starting jackpot is $4.1 million, capped at $7 million. Japanese lotto winnings are exempt from taxation. This is a popular lottery available online. 

8. SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto was launched in Italy in 1997. Its draws happen every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. SuperEnalotto is well-known among international lotteries because its jackpots are among the highest ever rewarded. As a result, the odds of winning the Italian SuperEnalotto are the lowest of any national or international lottery anywhere. SuperEnalotto’s largest jackpot was $407 million, awarded earlier this year.

9. Australian Powerball

While the popular Powerball lottery is in the US, there is also an Australian Powerball lottery unrelated to the American lotto of the same name. Unlike other lotteries, most jackpot wins are not shared with other tickets. To win a prize, three numbers are needed. Australian Powerball winners always receive lump sums. The biggest jackpot for this Powerball version was $160 million awarded in 2022.

10. Texas Lottery

There are various regional lotteries across Canada and the US, including the Texas Lottery. In this lottery, a player must get six matching numbers between 1 and 54. The jackpot starts at $5 million and rolls over if no one wins. The largest Texas Lottery jackpot was awarded in 2004: $145 million.

11. El Gordo de la Primitiva

El Gordo de la Primitiva is a Spanish lotto, often called the Primitiva. It is a two-grid game. The first grid has numbers 1 to 54, and a player must pick five numbers. The second grid has numbers 0 to 9, and a player must choose only one number here. Draws are held Sundays. The guaranteed minimum jackpot is $5 million.

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