12 Interesting Things To Do in Kelowna

Things To Do In Kelowna

There is no shortage of things to do in Kelowna, as it is a fascinating and marvelous city. For generations, it has been a family-friendly vacation spot around the year. Situated in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, Kelowna attracts wine enthusiasts the most. The widespread region of wineries has made Kelowna also known as Orchard City.

Well, things to do in Kelowna might start and end with beautiful wineries and orchards, but many other things can be filled in between. From activities to various attractions to knowing culture and arts, outdoor recreation, outdoor activities, tours, shopping, and lots of golf will fill your itinerary of things to do in Kelowna.

Binge in and start making notes for the things to do in Kelowna without forgetting, else, you will regret.

1) The Monster Lake

In the valley of Okanagan lies the Monster Lake, i.e., Okanagan Lake. According to the folklore, it is famous for the existence of a lake monster called Ogopogo. To enjoy the exploration of the lake, you can rent an Okanagan Lake BBQ boat!

These eco-friendly boats can be experienced with the planned tour and captain on board, or you can rent it privately where you will be your own boat’s captain. What’s more fun than enjoying the splashes of cool water with fresh BBQ in hand?

2) Get Your Wine Buds on

Things To Do In Kelowna

Photo by Marc van der Chijs/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

Kelowna, being the birthplace of wine and winemaking in British Columbia, things to do in Kelowna always includes getting up and channeling all the senses to wine tasting. Kelowna has around 40 wineries at a distance of just 20 minutes.

You can visit wineries as per your choice or go on guided wine tours. These guided tours will make your decision regarding choosing wineries easy and quick. There are even a few dog-friendly wineries.

Here’s a list of the wineries which you must visit.

  • The Vibrant Vine
  • CedarCreek Estate Winery
  • Ancient Hill Estate Winery
  • Tantalus Vineyards
  • Summerhill Pyramid Winery
  • House of Rose Winery
  • Camelot Vineyards
  • Kelowna Mountain Bridges and Vineyards

Swirl……Sip……Cherish……! The experience of wine tasting.

3) Know the Local Food and Farmers

Things To Do In Kelowna

Photo by Peter Bond/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

In things to do in Kelowna, you must include farm to table tours. You can visit the locals, Kelowna farmers, orchards, and wineries and know-how these local products are converted with excellent efficiency to the delicious meal. There are many farms to table restaurants available for you to visit on a self-guided tour. You can savor the freshness and culture provided in each meal cooked at these restaurants.
Some farm to table restaurants which should not be missed in things to do in Kelowna is,

  • 19 Okanagan Grill and Bar
  • Arlo’s Honey Farm
  • Arndt Orchards
  • Bohemian Café and Catering Company
  • Don-o-Ray
  • KRAFTY Kitchen + Bar
  • Terrace Restaurant at Mission Hill Family Estate

Know what more you can expect in the lifestyle of Okanagan just here.

4) Enjoy the Longest Rail Trail

12 Interesting Things To Do in Kelowna 1

David Wise, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Kettle Valley Railway is the longest rail-trail network existing in British Columbia. This has now become a recreational rail-trail that people use for several purposes. The Myra Canyon section of Kettle Valley Railway is the most popular one. Myra Canyon is in the south of Kelowna, and originally, to connect it to Penticton, it required 18 wooden trestles and two tunnels.

After the destruction of the railway in this section, it became one of the best attractions and a top priority in things to do in Kelowna. The trestles and tunnels add to the mind-blowing experience. You can go hiking here or go on a biking tour.

You can also rent a shuttle and enjoy the orchards, wineries, golf course, sight-seeing on the road. Myra Canyon and Trestles have become an inseparable part of the Myra-Bellevue provincial park.

5) Go Above the Sea Level

Going 1755 m above sea level and enjoying the night skiing, restaurants, bars should be on your list of things to do in Kelowna. The Big White Ski Resort, is a mountain resort located on the Big White Mountain. This is the highest summit of the Okanagan Highland.

There are 119 designated trails for skiing. Of which 19% are for the beginners, 56% for intermediate and 26% are for the experts.
The majority of lifts are located on the eastern side of Big White.

To make your visit worthwhile, Big White has one eight-passenger gondola, which is a high speed one. It has a 6-passenger high-speed chair and four 4-passenger high-speed chairs. It also has fixed-grip chairs, T-bar, a magic carpet for children and adults.

It also has a tubing carpet lift designed to transport around 28,000 people uphill in an hour. Big White Ski Resort offers the largest night skiing in the whole of western Canada. If you don’t know how to ski, don’t worry. You can enjoy the place with tubing, sleighing, snowshoeing, and dog sledding.

In things to do in Kelowna, this will be something different than the downtown Kelowna atmosphere and temperature. Fun, Snow. Skiing, Accommodations, and Tasty Food at this height should give you a moment to cherish for a lifetime.

6) SilverStar Mountain Resort

Things To Do In Kelowna

Source: skisilverstar.com

From June to September, you can go hiking and mountain biking in SilverStar Mountain Resort. There is more than 50 Km of bike trails downhill. The trails are bifurcated in beginner, intermediate, and expert categories to give a biking experience to everyone.

From November to April, Skiing is available in the 132 marked trails. Most of these trails are for beginners and intermediate. SilverStar is also known for its Cross-Country Skiing. It even consists of a rail garden having assortments for table-top and step-up jumps available for all abilities.

Apart from Skiing and Mountain Biking, there are many activities to be enjoyed on-mountain. These comprise of tube town, outdoor skating, sleigh rides, fitness center, day spa, indoor rock climbing, bike park, hiking trails, and others. You can even enjoy the sport of Snowmobiling in Mini Z Snowmobile Park. If you wish to experience some tranquility apart from all these activities, just grab the shoes and go snowshoeing.

This Mountain Resort should never get cut out from things to do in Kelowna. Just decide whether you want the snowy chills or sunny feels.

7) In the Midst of Nature

Things To Do In Kelowna

The Okanagan Sunflower, Source: wikimedia.org

A natural park in Kelowna, the Knox Mountain Park, is filled with 235 hectares of forest and grasslands. This is one of the most important parks in Kelowna. It consists of 10 trails, having views of Kelowna and Okanagan lake both.

This Mountain Park is home to the Arrowleaf Balsamroot, which is Kelowna’s official flower. It is also known as the Okanagan Sunflower, and the First Nations used all parts of it in making food. Here you can find the Okanagan ecosystems and many wildlife species like mule deer, chipmunks, grizzly bear, coyotes, marmots, and the Kokanee salmon fish species along the shore. This should be a must in your things to do in Kelowna as it provides the best views Okanagan Valley and city.

This park is easy to access via Richter Street, which will directly lead you to a lower parking area and a tennis court. Even Sutherland Beach is directly in front of this entrance. You can follow any trail you like from here.

There are various lookouts on the way. The Crown Lookout gives a beautiful view of the William R. Bennett Bridge over the Okanagan Lake. Then there’s Apex Lookout. This is a free entry park, but you must take care of certain points.

Bring your camera, binoculars, wear good shoes, get lots of sunscreens and never wander alone as there have been regular sightings of the coyotes and other wildlife creatures.

Things To Do In Kelowna

The Crown Lookout View, Source: flickr.com

8) The Beachfront Park

The City Park of Kelowna, which is a public park on Okanagan Lake, is a great joy time waterfront park that will add easy leisure time in your things to do in Kelowna. This park has many amenities like lawn bowling, trails for hiking, a playground, beach area, sand volleyball courts, skateboard park, tennis courts, soccer fields, waterpark, and much more.

On the City Park Beach, you can take your kids to the Kelowna Wibit Water Park. There are lots of fun activities for kids above five years of age. They are safe here, as life jackets are compulsorily given to all. There are castles, slides, trampolines, ball playing and lots of fun for all.

Explore through the Kelowna City Park just here.

9) Kelowna Downtown

There are lots of things that you can indulge in downtown Kelowna. From shopping through the streets to relishing the history to eating in locally-owned restaurants, you can get a glimpse of the life in Kelowna just here.

Knowing Kelowna in things to do in Kelowna sounds viable. You can walk through the Rotary Marsh Bird Sanctuary leading to Downtown Marina via the Waterfront Park boardwalk.

There is something or other happening in downtown Kelowna. There are Kelowna Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market, concerts, food truck rallies, Home Block events at specific wineries, and others. There are free volleyball courts to enjoy.

The Hot Sands Beach and Tugboat Bay Beach are located downtown so you can lay in the sun and take a dip in the refreshing water. There are even a few wineries located in downtown Kelowna, so it is easy to keep your growler full.

10) The Best Exhibit

things to do in Kelowna

Source: wordpress.com

The formation of Okanagan valley, its biodiversity, facts about the evolution of Okanagan people, know about the trade since ancient times only at the Okanagan Heritage Museum. This is Kelowna’s flagship museum.

You would find lots of indigenous information. It exhibits many artifacts that are supporting the history of Kelowna. If you wish to learn about the city and explore it through the past, this should be on your list of things to do in Kelowna.

You would find information on the geographic, climatic, and wildlife conditions of Okanagan. It even represents a glimpse of volcanoes and minerals found in the lake areas. The staff there is amiable and knowledgeable.

You can even know about the Dinosaurs. It has many interactive pieces of artifacts and games. An interactive artifact game called ‘matching animal bones’ is entertaining and recommended. This museum has free entrance, so just take your kids and plunge in the sea of history.

11) Get an Animal Therapy

Things To Do In Kelowna

Source: assets.simpleviewinc.com

It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Well, it is widely known that animals do calm us and make us happy. The Arion Therapeutic Farm is located in a lovely valley.

To escape the humdrum of the city life, put this in your list of things to do in Kelowna. There are about 50 farm animals here. You can go on an interactive tour here, which also includes permission for going to the Creekside picnic area and a naturally built play space.

You can indulge yourself in organic farming, animal care, and therapy by feeding them, spending time with them, and can even go for plant-based cooking and lifestyle courses. They also provide spaces for rent to host events and workshops. You would also come across a Vegan café with grab and go facility on site. This place works on volunteers, and so you can plan your days accordingly here.

12) Go Golfing

Things To Do In Kelowna

Source: wikimedia.org

The longest golf season in Canada can be experienced only in Kelowna. Kelowna has some of the most beautiful and picturesque golf courses. A few among many golf courses offer dining facilities that are exquisite.

The golfers’ list of things to do in Kelowna would have designated hours of playing golf or mini-golf here. The golfers enjoy the breathtaking views of vineyards, lakes, orchards, sunsets on the horizon while playing. The golfers who are wine enthusiasts appreciate the place as the golf course is settled between some award-winning vineyards.

Want to know about the local things that you can do in Kelowna? Just Click Here.

So, things to do in Kelowna is a very wide canvas. You can fill it smartly by choosing the fun time and adventure time activities you enjoy. Even if you do not wish to indulge in any adventures, sitting on a beach, dipping your feet, and playing with a ball will also make your time worthy in Kelowna. If you know other activities which would be loved by tourists in Kelowna, do Comment it to share with them.

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