13 Best Things to Do in Minneapolis

Best Things to do in Minneapolis.

Are you planning a trip to Minneapolis? Here is a list of the top 13 Things to Do in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis, the City of Lakes, is a big city in the U.S state of Minnesota. It is the 16th largest metropolitan city in the United States and a significant economic hub after Chicago and Seattle.  If you are ever want to visit the United States, Minneapolis is one of the best cities that you must visit in the United States, and this list we have curated the things to do in Minneapolis, for you.

The city of Minneapolis, due to the abundance of water in the city that is enriched by the presence of 13 lakes, is home to a vibrant life of biodiversity. The city itself is influenced by the very flow of the Mississipi River and has been built holistically in such a way that the natural flow of the river is not disturbed by urbanization.

This is one of the very few cities in the world where modernization is done along with the flow of nature. The city has a perfect balance of habited settlements and uninhabited settlements that there is a large part of the city that is still in the hands of Mother Nature.

From silent, adventurous camping grounds to stylish, modern, and luxurious shopping malls, there is everything you want to explore in the city itself. The Mississippi River that runs right through the city forms creeks and tributaries that give you the best experience for kayaking or canoeing in the city.

The largest retail shopping mall in America is in Minneapolis. If you are a cycling lover, good news for you, Minneapolis is one of the best cycling-friendly cities in the world. The Minneapolis state government offers bikes on subsidized rents for users; it is called Nice Ride Minneapolis.  The city has over 120 miles(193 km) of on-street trails and 90 miles(144 km) of off-road trails.

Cycling is one of the best things to do in Minneapolis, without fail. Do it!

If you love beer, Minneapolis has some of the best breweries in the city to taste a variety of beers from. Want to sample foods from all over the world, then you have the Midtown Global Market. Grab some good food to eat and sit down comfortably somewhere; you will see a mini fashion walk as this city is a thriving place for fashionable hipsters.

Watching the variety of people walking past you while you are relaxed is also one of the best things to do in Minneapolis.

There are a lot of things to say about Minneapolis and many more things to do in the city that are awesome and exciting. So, in this article, we have put together a list of things that you should not forget to do when you make your visit to Minneapolis in the future.

Visiting Minnehaha Waterfalls at Minnehaha Park

The Minnehaha Waterfalls, Minneapolis.

“IMG_3121” by m_e_mccarron is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Running for 22 miles or 35 km along with the downtown Minneapolis through several lakes in the city, the Minnehaha creek then finally falls into the Mississipi River from a height of 54 feet, forming the Minnehaha Falls. Situated right in the middle of the Minneapolis City, Minnehaha Regional Park is a deep, untamed and adventurous wildlife area.

From the urban environment of Minneapolis, the environment begins to take a dramatic shift when you enter the Minnehaha Regional Park. The falls completely freezes during the winter season, allowing you to walk behind the frozen water curtain. The park offers various exciting activities for its visitors, to picnic, to play golf and a pool to take bathe in summers.

This must be first in your list of things to do in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is an Art gallery in the city that has a wide variety of art collections from all over the world, from various famous artists and from different times of history. The artistic collection of MIA makes anyone fall in love with the arts. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has over 90,000 collections of artworks from 5,000 years of world history.

The Institute has seven different sections: Arts of Africa and America, Contemporary Art, Decorative Arts, Textiles and Sculpture, Asian Art, Paints, Photography, New Media and Prints, and Drawings. The Institute plays a vital role in promoting interest in the subject of Arts to the public.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts will give you an incredible insight into the history of each culture and important civilizations through its extensive collection of artistic specimens of famous artists around the world.

Cheer loudly for your team at Target Stadium!

The Target Stadium is a baseball stadium in Minneapolis, that is situated in Northern downtown Minneapolis. It is the home stadium to the city’s franchise baseball team, Minneapolis Twins. The Target Stadium offers cheap entry tickets during matches as cheap as $5 without a seat. The stadium has capacity for at least 40,000 people as audiences. So, watching a baseball match is one of the best things to do in Minneapolis.

Go for Shopping at Mall of America

This is not just your regular shopping plaza, the Mall of America is the U.S’s Largest shopping mall with more than 520 stores located in three and four flours of the mega shopping complex. The Mall of America is just 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis taking the light train.

When you come here, just do your shopping later and take all the time you want to let your kids have fun at the Nickelodeon Universe, a huge theme park inside the shopping complex; then at the Crayola Experience, a crayon themed park and at the SEA Life Aquarium, an indoor aquarium.

Go Chilling Along the Shores Chain of Lakes

Lake Harriet, Minneapolis

“Lake Harriet – Summer 2010” by fastfonz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The lake shores that were left uninhabited around Lake Brownie, Cedar Lake, Lake of Isles, Calhoun, and Lake Harriet since the 19th century and were declared as public property. So, these shores formed the Chain of Lakes Regional Park.

The Lake Harriet is good for bird watching, the Lake Calhoun has the best shores, Lake Isles and Cedar is the best for canoeing, and if you want to go for a nice bike ride, there is approximately  16 km long cycling trail that connects the shores of all those lakes.

In summer, the lake shores are perfect for lunch picnics, and in the winter, when the lake freezes, it becomes an ideal ground for skiing and ice skating. The Chain of Lakes is probably the most versatile place during all the seasons of the year, in this list, and it never disappoints.

Chain of Lakes offers you unique experiences to its visitors each time during the year.

Witness the Industrial History of Minneapolis at the Mill City Museum

Mill City Museum, Minneapolis.

Photo by Joshua Hage on Unsplash

Built upon the ruins of the Washburn A Mill Complex dating back to 1880, this was considered to one of the largest flour mills of the world. The flour mill complex was credited with supplying wheat flour to the whole state. The museum is now filled with photos illustrating how the milling process took place.

There are these Water and Baking labs, filled with engaging activities to help children understand how their daily bread is made, step by step, from milling to baking. The Flour tower takes visitors through the eight floors of the milling complex to look through the lives of mill workers of those days.

At the observation deck of the mill, visitors get to admire the old Minneapolis Industrial river-front from the Stone Bridge to St.Anthony Falls that powered the milling industries with its hydro-electric power.

You know what, The Pillsbury Company was founded in Minneapolis in the year 1869. The Pillsbury Company operated one of the biggest mills on the banks of the Mississipi River with the hydro-electric power from the St. Anthony Falls. Even today, the remains of their old milling complex lie at Mill City.

Get Yourself Immersed at the Plays of Guthrie Theatre

The Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis.

Photo by Joshua Hage on Unsplash

Named after and founded by the famous English theatre director Sir Tyrone Guthrie, The Guthrie Theatre is situated along with the Mississipi River. The theatre was first built in 1963 and was demolished, redesigned, and rebuilt in 2006. The Guthrie Theatre was opened up on May 7, 1963, by three acclaimed theatre directors Sir Tyrone Guthrie, Oliver Rea, and Peter Zeisler.

The new Guthrie Theatre is situated on 285,000 square foot space, which houses three separate theatres 1) 1100 seated Wurtele Thrust stage 2) 700 seated McGuire Proscenium Stage and 3) 199 seated Dowling studio. The Theatre till now has kept its standards of theatre art and has been keeping and has remained true to the Shakespeare drama productions.

The Theatre has three separate fine dining restaurants and a retail store as well. Don’t forget to check out The Endless Bridge at the Guthrie Theatre provides the visitors with a scenic view of the Mississipi River and the Minneapolis City in the evening. Along with these, the theatre offers Summer drama camps for interested people of all ages.

Weismann Art Museum

The Weismann Arts Museum is located within the premises of the University of Minnesota. The odd-looking Weismann Art Museum has got two faces depending on the side you choose to look from. Designed by architect Frank Gehry, the Weismann Art Museum is an architectural masterpiece that I currently have no words in my dictionary to define its style.

The Weismann Museum belongs to the Weismann Arts Foundation based in Los Angeles, the founder of the foundation, Frederick R. Weismann was an art collector from Minneapolis who became famous in Los Angeles. The Weismann Arts Museum in Minneapolis houses mainly American modern art, Korean furniture, and Mimbres Pottery.

Get the Best of Your Cameras to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is located near the premises of the Walker Art Centre. Owned and managed by the Walker Art Centre, it hosts the giant, artistic, outdoor, and artistic masterpieces that are unique enough that deserve a separate mentioning in this list. So if you are keen on photography, shooting Sculpture Garden is one of the best things to do in Minneapolis.

The famous Spoonbridge and Cherry is one gigantic sculpture where a giant cherry rests on top of a giant spoon tip, which is something you should witness here without fail. This magnificent sculpture was designed by a husband and wife Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen. The garden also has many other unique and intriguing sculptures that you should post those photos on your Instagram.

Clubbing at First Avenue

The bustling and awesome nightclub was once an old bus depot in the year 1937 and was redesigned as a disco club first in the year 1970. The First avenue nightclub has another attachment of stage named the 7th Street Entry, which was also a part of the former bus depot, this was a restaurant.

A black wall on the 7th Street Entry has several white stars, where the names of the performers who till now performed at the club stage are written. First Avenue is a unique place and a symbol of American Music history.

Prince is the most famous musicians of all to have performed at First Avenue. The nightclub has also been featured in his movie Purple Rain. When you are in Minneapolis, be sure to check out this club as this club has recorded the inspiring performances of hundreds of artists. The First Avenue nightclub has been a place and is still a place for hundreds of artists to realize their dreams.

Visiting The Twin Cities

An aerial view of the Twin Cities.

Photo by Andrew Sit on Unsplash 

The city of Minneapolis and the state capital city of St.Paul are together called the Twin Cities. Minneapolis and St. Paul are two major cities in the state of Minnesota. While Minneapolis is cultural and economic hub St. Paul is the administrative hub and the second most populous city of the state. The two cities are partially divided by the Mississipi River running between them.

The proximity between these two most significant urban centers is the reason why it is called the Twin Cities. There is also a high contrast in the culture of both the cities, Minneapolis has a Scandinavian and Lutheran culture, and St.Paul has a strong French and Italian influence. And, this contrast in cultures can be seen in the architecture of particular churches and old buildings in the downtown areas in the cities.

Time to End Your Trip with Stone Arch Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis.

Photo by nostalgia on Unsplash

Okay, now you have come to the end of this list. And, this is the most important of all the things to do in Minneapolis to finish the trip happily and entirely is visiting the Stone Arch Bridge.

When the city was experiencing rapid economic growth in the 19th century, transporting the goods produced on the West side of the river to the market on the east side was a little challenging. There was only one bridge that connected both sides, the Hennepin Suspension bridge, which was becoming obsolete slowly.

So, there was a need for another bridge that would connect both sides of the river; the Stone Bridge was then built up in 1883, serving its purpose effectively as a railway bridge until 1978. In the early 1990s, the bridge was renovated and is now used as a pedestrian and vehicle bridge. This was completely built on stones and was the second bridge to be built on the Mississipi River after Eads Bridge.

The Stone Arch Bridge offers the people a clear and a perfect view of the Minneapolis and the Twin Cities. Do make this place a priority because when you are about to leave Minneapolis, The Stone Arch Bridge is a perfect place to bring your trip to a happy ending and say bye to the city and its people until you see them next time.


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