13 Reasons to Visit North Bay Ontario

north bay ontario

North Bay, the seat of Nipissing District, is in southeastern Ontario, Canada. It prevails some 205 miles (330 km) northward of Toronto.

Identified for its place on the northerly bay of Lake Nipissing, the center began as a railway switchyard on the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1882. It is now the southern end and head office of the Ontario Northland Railway and a significant site on two cross-country railroad tracks.

North Bay Ontario is an extensive wholesale and local shipping hub and a famous summertime hotel. Timbering, cultivation, and production also add to the economy.

It’s a small place filled with fun pursuits for everyone; read on to know more about it! I’m sure you’ll want to visit North Bay soon 😉

 13 Best Reasons To Visit North Bay Ontario

1. Hiking At The Duchesnay Falls Trails

Duschesnay Falls Hiking Trails is positioned on the northwestern boundary of North Bay Ontario; it is convenient via Highway 17. The tracks serve magnificent landscapes of a stream, and two principal falls enclosed by the grandeur of the woods.

The Duschesnay falls are one of the significant purposes of why travelers hike in this place. It is exceptionally scenic during the fall season.

Stroll Along The Shore Of Marathon Beach

Marathon Beach is one of the numerous shores in the waterfront area of North Bay, Ontario. Besides the seashore, there is a lush woodland area with a park for the children.

There are nearby eateries near the beach that are regularly available while touring. Marathon Beach is a vast venue, not only to wander along and observe the dawn (or even the dusk!). Moreover, it is a fabulous spot to float, fish, and boat.

2. Sailing Along Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is the third-largest pond in Ontario. North Bay Ontario is one of the ports along Lake Nipissing. The lake is as important as it is excellent.

north bay ontario

Photo by Andrew Ly on Unsplash.

The cruise ship Chief Commanda II was mainly developed to operate across Lake Nipissing. Landed at the North Bay Ontario waterfront, the cruise crosses four important places: the Callander Bay, the French River, the Manitou Islands, and the North Shore.

The Chief begins to travel from May up until the end of September. They strive day and night journeys, with onboard relaxation and exceptional cuisine.

3. Wander Through The Silver Beach Park

Silver Beach Park is not as congested as those places that are located closer to the principal hub area of North Bay, Ontario. Admittance to the park is made simple as there is a double-decker that stops near the seaside.

Carry along a beach bench, towel, and a novel. Relax along the shoreline and appreciate the vibration of the crashing tides. This region is a classic family hangout – where adolescents and adults can have pleasure in the sun.

The landscape is very pleasant, and if you go there in the late evenings, sundowns make for some exquisite shots.

4. Picnic At The Cove – Trout Lake

The Birchaven Cove, a haven of the Trout Lake, presents a great spot to hop in and float. There are life jackets accessible at the lifesavers’ platform. Carry along a picnic as there are sheltered places and some tables where you can relax.

The children can appreciate paddling there as there are no grasses, and they don’t need to paddle for a long way to get into the deeper water. During July and August, the Parks recreation team utilizes the space to guide children on how to paddle.

The cove is in a protected harbor that has a tidy and powdery beach. The place is well sustained. During the heyday, you could effortlessly consume the entire morning there. The area provides an abundance of parking.

5. Ski Down The Laurentian Ski Hill

A philanthropic community-based ski hill right in the core of North Bay Ontario, Laurentian Ski Hill has something for everyone. The Laurentian Ski Hill inclination is a tiny one— and is excellent for those who are only discovering how to ski.

The mountain has inclinations for skiing and snowboarding. The ski hotel is one of the best hotels in North Bay. It grants 2 journeys along the hill; services are also available on-site.

Rental gear and tutorings for the first-timers and a terrain square with its lift and moguls for the more experienced. Laurentian Ski Hill extends 6 points and 3 lifts with a 300-foot upward drop.

They are permitted from 9 am to 4 pm, (although they additionally allow twilight skiing).

6. Hit The Discovery North Bay Museum Ontario

The Discovery, North Bay Museum, is a district gallery that showcases beautiful, traditional, and socialistic pieces. The displays in the gallery fall mostly between the period between the late 1800s to the 1960s.

It is established at the traditional Canadian Pacific Railway Station. The gallery also allows event rentals, vacation camps, themed parties, escorted trips, and midtown haunted hikes.

The museum is permitted from 10 am to 6 pm from Mondays to Fridays, and from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

7. Make A Visit The Canadian Forces Museum Of Aerospace Defense

The Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defense is committed to showcasing the aerospace defense technologies that are already in the Canadian Forces. So if you fancy history and aeronautics, this site is unquestionably for you!

The museum is permitted from 12 noon to 4 pm on Tuesdays to Fridays, and from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. Visiting is upon appointment or crowd booking— entry is by donation.

8. Visit The Pro-Cathedral Of The Assumption

This magnificent cathedral is a scenic structure that showcases gorgeous white buildings with spring by its way.

Aside from being one of the spectacular buildings in North Bay, it is also the core of the Catholic trust in North Bay, Ontario.

9. Have Fun At The North Bay Ontario Heritage Train & Carousel Theme Park

Also recognized as The Heritage Railway & Carousel Company, this theme park showcases several engines and carousels throughout history.

Most trips are vintages, which are reserved continuously for perpetual use. So if you’re a car or vintage lover, you’ll undoubtedly gain delightful midday here.

Both children and kids-at-heart are welcome likewise – so get equipped for remarkable family entertainment!

10. Visit The Regional Breweries

There are many microbreweries at North Bay; one of the most distinguished is New Ontario Brewing. They pride themselves as existing “North Bay’s innovative brewery.”

They offer craft beers produced using locally available fresh ingredients and are visited by both locals and tourists alike. So if you have planning to go for a laid-back night out, these local breweries are here for you.

11. Trek The Laurier Woods Conservation Area

The Laurier Woods Conservation Area allows a relaxing path for smooth hiking across woods and wetlands.

There are several characteristics along the woods, such as interpretive halts and the Haist Lookout.

12. Ride The North Bay Heritage Train And Carousel

The Heritage Railway & Carousel Company provides hours of merriment and entertainment to 100 000 + guests each summer who halt by to tour the stunning carousels and minute track at North Bay’s Waterfront.

13. Go On A Shopping Spree At The Northgate Shopping Centre

This shopping plaza is North Bay’s secondary and most extensive mall. It is very convenient to Highway 11, which operates right through it on the way north and south.

There is an abundance of apparel, footwear, ornaments, gift stores, plus electronics, wellness, and fitness, book stores, hair and nail salons, to cite just a few.

The food court is somewhat expanded with sufficient array to suit the various palates. It is tidy and vivid, so if you prefer walking, you can burn a few calories at the same time as you stroll along.

Arts Culture & Heritage Of North Bay Ontario

North Bay’s might as an association today commences with a profound admiration for their past and culture. From these origins has developed a vibrant area created by the creativity and fabrication of all those who came here to develop a life for themselves and their families.

Today they carry power from their variety and a yielded sense of society and personality. Their culture and legacy are the adhesives that combine traditional residents and new, their history, and their fate.

North Bay Ontario presents numerous possibilities to encounter crafts, culture, and recreation in the midtown community. There is always something occurring, be it a yearly performance, the Farmer’s Market, or one of the numerous pursuits posted on the ‘Calendar of Events’. You can be positive as North Bay has something for each of its visitors!

1. Enjoy At The Capitol Centre

“View it, Discover it, and Experience it Live” at the Capitol Centre. Savor the innovative and astonishing live shows or a presentation of one of the regional drama groups in the 1000 seat auditorium.

2. Appreciate The Art

Their bounty of skilled visual performers can be observed at historical art exhibits or register for a Gallery Hop and take a trip of as many as six museums along the route.

Dine and practice local and regional live performances presented every week at a diversity of neighborhood eateries. Enjoy North Bay’s most exceptional artists.

3. Join For The Historical Walk

Learn about their past by relishing their center traditional hike. A 2-kilometer walk between historical sites. Each section has an interpretive symbol that provides knowledge about the site. Tour their neighborhood famous sites and memorials. Don’t forget to capture the beauty around!

Experience The Culture

The North Bay and District Multicultural Centre have been recognized as a unique neighborhood asset that contributes means to their heterogeneity of ethnocultural inhabitants and more recent settlers to the North Bay Ontario and area.

The cultural ideas and customs of the First Nations are a great part of their community. The North Bay Indian Friendship Centre accommodates an extensive array of performances and helps to assist Aboriginal people of all age groups.

North Bay’s Cultural Directory is a task in the process. It proffers a listing of artistic means such as theatres, historical sites, galleries, artists, musicians, and art businesses that are increasing every day.

north bay ontario

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

The city of North Bay, Ontario, contributes a lot of fun and delightful pursuits all year round— whether it be in the midst of a scorching summer day or during the freezing Canadian wintertimes.

North Bay Ontario is not merely a tourist fascination; nevertheless, it is also a very ancient town that is attempting to preserve its culture and inherent beauty. What are you waiting for? Tour the Gateway to the North someday!


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