13 Fun Facts About Calgary You Probably Didn’t Know

winter in calgary

Calgary is a cosmopolitan city in the western Canadian province, Alberta. Although Calgary is a popular destination, there are few fun facts about Calgary that you might not know.

Calgary is located between the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies Foothills and the Prairies. It lies both within the Parkland Natural Regions and the Grasslands Natural Region. The city offers a large metropolitan city vibe, along with vibrant energy of welcoming spirit.

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Calgary lives through two popular rivers the Bow River and the Elbow River. Calgary is one of the most underrated cities in Canada, which is often overshadowed by the other neighbouring vibrant cities.

But Calgary is that classic city that has a lot in store and is waiting to be discovered. There are so many fun facts about Calgary that people are not aware of yet. The city’s wide-open spaces and a welcoming atmosphere is what drives people to explore downtown Calgary.

Before we list the fun facts about Calgary, how about you check out all the amazing things to do when you visit Calgary.

13 Fun Facts About Calgary

Calgary is a fantastic city to be in, it’s not just beautiful, but it is fun too. And there’s a lot of exciting things too to know about Calgary. So here we present to you some exciting and fun facts about Calgary you probably didn’t know.

1. The Weather

First up on fun facts about Calgary is its exciting weather. Calgary is the ‘sunniest’ city in Canada.

summer in calgary

Photo by Alvin Dube on Unsplash

Calgary’s weather is an absolute delight. Even in the winters, it is a bit sunny. That is why the winters feel warmer and inviting. On average, Calgary receives around 333 days of sunshine in a year.

So now you know, Calgary is all about its weather. It has a prairie-steppe kind of climate, which usually means it is sunny all year round. However, Calgary abides cold winters too.

Winters are primarily freezing and dry in Calgary with a little bit of sunshine.

2. The Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede

Photo by Bryton Udy on Unsplash

The Calgary Stampede is a non-profit community organization that is home to the greatest outdoor show in Canada.

It is an annual rodeo, exhibition, and festival held every year in July for about 10 days. Now the catch is, Calgary Stampede is the world’s largest rodeo ever.

The Stampede is to celebrate Calgary’s western heritage and values. During the 10 days, the stampede hosts a rodeo, agriculture events, and an evening show.

And in the rest of 355 days, the Stampede is home to top-class events organized to entertain visitors from around the world.

If you ever visit Calgary, do visit during the Stampede. And to know where to stay near the Stampede click here.

3. Calgary’s Young Population

Next up on fun facts about Calgary is its population. Calgary is a city of the youth, by the youth, and for the youth.

Calgary is home to more than 1.3 million people, but the interesting thing to make a note of is the average age of its population. This Canadian city is all about youthful, energetic vibes.

The median age in Calgary or the average age of the majority of the population is around 37.2 years.

4. Clean & Beautiful Calgary

Calgary is just not about the beauty of the city, but it is also about its well-maintained cleanliness. Calgary is the cleanest city in the world, as recognized by many.

The Calgarians love their city to be all clean and beautiful, and they do everything to make it happen. You can feel it in their air. Calgary’s air is so fresh and clean, and even their streets are spotless.

The main five aspects maintained well to make Calgary the cleanest city are- sewage systems, controlled air pollution, waste removal and recycling, traffic congestion, and water availability & cleanliness.

5. First Winter Olympic Games

Calgary is known to be the winter city of Canada. Calgary hosted the first winter Olympic games of Canada in the year 1988.

canada olympics 1988

Photo by InSapphoWeTrust/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

This was also the first Winter Olympic games to be held over a time period of two weeks. The 88 Olympic games shaped Calgary better. It also brought Canada Olympic Park and Olympic Oval to Calgary.

The torch relay of the 88′ Winter Olympic game is the longest relays ever, that lasted for 88 days and was stretched over 18,000 kilometres.

6. Mayor of Calgary

Next up on fun facts about Calgary is about the Muslim mayor of the big Canadian city. Naheed Nenshi is the first Muslim ever to become a Mayor of a major Canadian city.

Naheed Nenshi

Photo by 5of7/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

Nenshi is the first Muslim to score a staggering win with 28,000 more votes in his favour than his rival. He was born in Toronto and was raised in Calgary. Nenshi is actually the first-ever Muslim to have become the Mayor of a large North American city.

7. The Plus 15 Special System

Number 7 of fun facts about Calgary is a special system unique to Calgary. The plus 15 skyway network downtown Calgary takes you 11 miles across downtown Calgary without actually having to walk outside.

Plus 15 walkway Calgary

Photo by Rich Moffitt/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

The Plus 15 walkway system is the world’s most extensive pedestrian system. It is an inside walkway with a length of 11 miles, connecting 100 buildings and 61 suspended bridges around 15 feet above the street level.

The system was opened in 1970, and since then it connects dozens of beautiful Calgary buildings.

8. The Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is one of Canada’s most visited and top tourist destinations. It is ranked as the third best zoo in North America.

Calgary Zoo

Photo by Steve Payne on Unsplash

Located in Bridgeland, the zoo is just east of downtown Calgary. Calgary zoo is home to a variety of unique species, probably over 100 and you will find more than 1000 different animals.

The zoo has been internationally recognized in conservation research as one of the world’s top zoos. The zoo aimed at saving around 8 endangered species of western Canada including Vancouver Island marmot, northern leopard frog, black-footed ferret, greater sage grouse, swift fox, burrowing owl, whooping crane, and black-tailed prairie dog.

9. The Chinook

And next up on fun facts about Calgary is ‘Chinook’. Chinook is an interesting name, isn’t it? Well, the wind in Calgary is known as Chinook.

The winds are warm and dry from the interiors of the west of North America, between the mountain ranges. These winds have the capacity to increase the temperature within just a few hours extremely.

So Chinook can make you all chilly in the winter morning, and just a few hours later maybe soaking up on the sun. Chinook is considered to be the Calgarians’ best friend as it keeps you a little warm in the bitterly cold winters.

Spoiler Alert: Chinooks can get you some bad migraines. 

10. The Ginger Beef

Ginger Beef is a renowned Western Canadian dish. The dish is made of ginger, some sweet sauce and of course beef.

ginger beef

Photo by Steve Miller/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

The dish is actually inspired by a Chinese dish Geung Ngao Yuk, so it is partly Canadian and partly Chinese. But it was invented here in Calgary.

Many chefs and restaurants claim this dish to be invented by them. However, the most accepted story for the origin of the dish is that the dish was first developed during the 1970s at Calgary’s Silver Inn by Chef George Wong.

11. Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded

Next up on fun facts about Calgary is its coldest temperature.

Calgary has hosted the Winter Olympics for Canada, so you know how chilly the winters are there. But the coldest temperature ever recorded will surely blow your mind.

The coldest temperature recorded in Calgary was a -45°C back in 1893, on February 4. It indeed was deadly cold.

12. The City Is As Diverse As You May Think

Calgary is not just a city of youths, but it is a vibrant city of multicultural vibes. Calgary is one of the most diverse cities in Canada. Around 28% of the present population were born in another country.

This makes their dining and the festive scene a great one, as people get to enjoy and witness the perfect blend of various cultures. As a result of such massive diversity, there are around 120 different languages in Calgary, presently identified and spoken.

13. The Bow River

Last but not least, on fun facts about Calgary is the Bow River. The Bow River beginning with the Canadian Rocky Mountains flows through the city of Calgary. It got its name from the reeds that grew along its banks and used the Forst Nations to make bows.

Bow River Calgary

Photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

It is one of the top three trout streams in the world. People from all over the world come to Bow River with hopes to fish the Brown and Rainbow Trout.

Not only the Bow River is great for catching trouts, but it is also one of Canada’s most beautiful places. The upper stretches of the river flow through the Banff National Park making it one of the most beautiful mountain settings, not just in Canada but in the world.

Calgary is both a beautiful and fun place to be in. And that is pretty evident with the above listed top 13 fun facts about Calgary. But there is still a lot to discover about Calgary, that can only be done when you visit the place.

Let us know your views on these fun facts about Calgary over the comment section.

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