Blair Faces Heat In Wake Of His Recommendations

Tony Blair still intent on stopping Brexit – recommends government to curb immigration instead The former prime minister of Britain, Tony Blair, is in the spotlight again. This time, it is because of his remarks and recommendations to the government about their Brexit efforts and immigration policy. In a stark contrast to the actions taken by his […]

New Australian Visa Rules: Entrepreneur Visa Now Open For Applicants

New Australian Visa Rules Set To Attract the Best and The Brightest Australia has recently launched new visas to attract skilled entrepreneurs to the country. The new australian visa rules known as the Business Innovation and Investment visa programme allows forward-thinking business investors to gain permanent Australian residency if they have an innovative business idea and […]

International Monetary Fund Report 2018 Immigration Makes People Richer

An International Monetary Fund Report 2018 States That Immigration Benefits Everyone A recent study has shown that immigration into wealthy countries actually makes everyone richer. According to the International Monetary Fund report 2018, if people are trading within the same economy then that has been shown to have economic benefits for everyone, from the customer to the entrepreneur […]

Immigration to UK 2015: High Rate Of Residency Permits

Immigration To UK 2015 Due To High Rate Of Giving Residency Permits   Immigration to UK 2015 was the highest due to the United Kingdom issuing more permanent residency permits than any other country within the European Union. A report by the EU’s statistical information gatherer; Eurostat found that 633,017 people from outside the European Union […]