3 Immigration Visa Changes Made in the Last Year

3 Immigration Visa Changes Made in the Last Year 1

The world thrives on the immigration market. People worldwide travel to countries with better facilities, jobs and infrastructure and make the most of their qualifications and talents. But getting into the country of your choice is not an easy bargain, with so many immigration laws and stringent policies doing the rounds.

This can be blamed on foreign invasions on the target countries’ job markets and increased incidences of crime and visa fraud in these nations. But whatever it may be, some policy changes may be beneficial while some may be bad news for you. Here are a few updates on the immigration laws all over the world.

Suspension of Premium Processing for H1B

In a bid to cut down on the backlog of pending H1B visa applications, the USCIS has suspended the premium processing facility for six months. Premium Processing helps in getting a quicker visa update within a period of 3 weeks for your visa application by paying a certain amount of money. Suspension of this service may well mess up with the plans of many Indian workers and those who have already applied for a consecutive H1B visa.

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Visa on Arrival for Indians in Dubai:
In a recent development, the Dubai authorities have signed a policy for a 14-day visa on arrival for Indian citizens to improve bilateral ties between the two nations and enhance trade relations and the economy of The United Arab Emirates.

Removal of subsidies for Kiwis studying in Australia:
In a severe blow to students from New Zealand studying in Australia, the Government has withdrawn the NZ students’ subsidies, significantly increasing their study costs and facilitating access to student loans much easily in the country. Reeling under a crippling economy, Australia also looks to create inclusivity and treat the Kiwis more like citizens of their own country through this move.


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