3 Ways to Help Show Off Your Best Smile 

3 Ways to Help Show Off Your Best Smile  1

Just like a picture, a smile is worth a thousand words, which is all the more reason always to put your best smile forward. After all, there’s no better way to brighten someone’s day than to send a smile their way. However, sometimes a smile can’t shine because the teeth underneath are holding it back.

Whether it’s yellowing or crooked placement, there are always ways to help your teeth live up to your smile’s potential!  

Way #1: Straighten Crooked Teeth

Generally speaking, teeth are crooked by no fault of our own but how they grew in. For anyone holding back their smile because of crooked teeth, the good news is there’s a solution to straighten things out! With the help of braces that incorporate Insignia Damon brackets from Hamilton orthodontics, your teeth can be moved into the precise position for a perfect smile. 

Best of all, these up-to-date braces have amazing advances in Orthodontic technology, including:  

  • Custom made brackets so teeth can move comfortable and quickly
  • Metal or porcelain bracket options  
  • Less friction and discomfort 
  • No elastics required to hold the wire in position (no elastics to change means fewer visits!) 
  • Impressive and fast results 

In other words, braces have come a long way from being a painful and time-consuming way to effectively straighten out crooked teeth. 

Way #2: Naturally Whiten Teeth 

Yellow teeth are a common culprit that stop someone from showing off their smile. That means it’s time to say goodbye to yellow teeth and hello to a pearly white smile. Before trying out some of the different at-home teeth whitening products that can potentially strip or harm your teeth, there are plenty of ways to help whiten teeth naturally, such as: 

  • Brush teeth with baking soda
  • Oil pulling – washing the mouth with oil (like coconut, sunflower or sesame) to remove dirt, bacteria and debris 
  • Eat papaya and pineapple (contains papain and bromelain enzymes that help whiten teeth) 
  • Avoid food and drinks that contain tannins which can stain teeth 
  • Avoid excessive consumption of acidic foods that wear down tooth enamel 
  • Quit smoking to reduce nicotine stains 

These natural remedies are a great way to help remove stains from the teeth and protect tooth enamel. 

Way #3: Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene Practices 

The key to beautifully white teeth is to follow routine oral hygiene practices on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sometimes the simplest solution is what gets the most neglected. That means no more saying you’re too tired to brush your teeth before bed!

It’s pivotal to be mindful of your daily oral hygiene habits in order to achieve your best and healthiest smile. To help restore and maintain a healthy mouth, take care of your teeth with daily habits, such as: 

  • Brush at least twice a day (in the morning and before bed)
  • Always brush gently in a circular motion to remove plaque
  • Gently brush your tongue 
  • Floss once a day

Lastly, drink water after every meal to help wash out your mouth between brushes and you’ll be showing off your best smile in no time.  

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