4 Things You Should Know About the F1 Visa Interview

The F1 visa is the United States of America’s student visa. It is valid for as long your course continues in the US and ends two months after you complete your education. Just like for a work visa, the F1 visa also has an interview round. It is very simple and the interviewer asks you general questions about yourself, your career, and where you see yourself in the coming years.

f1 visa


Here are four things you need to know about the F1 interview:

1. Don’t carry any backpacks

The US Consulate or Embassy doesn’t allow any backpacks inside. Avoid carrying any sharp objects, a pendrive, or an umbrella. Carry a makeshift provision. You can carry a box file and keep your documents file in it along with your other belongings including some money and your phone.

2. The dress code

There are no fixed guidelines about what to wear and what not to when you are covering all parts of your body. But as you know, wearing anything informal will give a bad impression. You don’t need to wear anything fancy and expensive. Just wear a plain shirt with a skirt or a pair of trousers. Avoid having painted nails and also tie your hair in a neat ponytail if you are a girl. Boys, keep your hair short.

3. Don’t judge the interviewer

Just because the candidates prior to you didn’t have a good experience, don’t judge the interviewer to be bad or strict. Put your best foot forward and a smile on your face. Be self-confident, because your aim is getting selected in the interview and not finding out how the interviewer is.

4. Make contacts

When you are in the interview area, get acquainted to those around you. They need not go to the same university as you, but you can go through the phase together. You get a lot of support and it is always better going through things together than all alone.

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