4 Ways to Become a US Citizen

4 Ways to Become a US Citizen 1

How to become a US Citizen

Becoming a naturalized US national, with all its benefits and facilities, is every US immigrant’s dream. The process is difficult and requires a lot of interviews and background checks. You become a US resident either by birth or by the naturalization process conducted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Becoming a US citizen after a long and arduous process is a proud moment for every immigrant. Every year around one million permanent residents apply for the US naturalization process.US Citizen

Here are three other ways than birth through which you can become a US citizen:

1. Citizenship through Naturalization

This process is for a person who wants to become a citizen though they aren’t born in the US. For this, you need to stay in the US for five years straight. You will have to give an application and pass an exam to be eligible for this. You should be married to a US citizen and living with that same person for the past three years. You are either currently serving in the army, will be filing an application within six months, or served for minimum one year.

2. Citizenship through Derivation

A child automatically becomes a US citizen, if his or her parents become US citizens through naturalization. To get citizenship through this, you should be a minor with a US green card, one parent should be a US resident, and should be staying in the custody of the US resident parent. Luckily, the children don’t have to go through the naturalization process.

3. Citizenship through Acquisition

 If one of the parents is a US citizen, even if your child is born out of the United States of America, it still becomes  citizen. It also includes the territories of Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands. It is mentioned in the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution

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