5 Best Universities for Sportsmen in Canada 

5 Best Universities for Sportsmen in Canada  1

Being a sportsman in Canada sounds perfect on its own. However, being a student who studies in the best university for sportsmen in Canada sounds even better. Fortunately, Canada loves sport and has plenty of great schools to educate its professional athletes in. However, with such a variety of options, the question about choosing the right school arises. Sure enough, all young people have their own needs and preferences when it comes to picking the perfect school for themselves. Still, finding some of the best ones you’d like to consider as your future school can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately for all young sportsmen who are choosing their university in Canada at the moment, we have come with a treat. Here is the list of what we believe are the best five universities in Canada for athletes. Get to know each one of them and pick the one for yourself. 

Dancers in Canada have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best university. However, what can be better than studying at one of the best cities in Canada, Toronto, and going to great York University? This is a relatively young and big university based in the north of Toronto. Yet, it can offer you an exciting campus life and an MA degree in dancing. Moreover, the school also has a large variety of sports facilities and strong Humanities faculty with degrees in theatre and music. As a dancer, you may also be interested in those programs. 

  • The University of British Columbia. Vancouver, Canada

Studying at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, is a huge advantage on its own. This university is the top school in Canada. Hence, being a graduate already gives you a lot of advantages in your further professional career. Moreover, as a sportsman, you may be interested in their Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education (HOPE) program. The goal of the entire program is to promote physical activities, exercise, and healthy living. They will teach you how to live your life better and how to also help others stay healthier. However, you should be ready to study really hard to make the best of it. Everything from good physical shape to knowing how to do an essay on accounting will serve you as an advantage. 

  • Humber College. Toronto, Canada

Let’s point out the basics. Not every young athlete is planning to remain just an athlete for the rest of their lives. Moreover, barely any sport can allow such a thing to happen. Age, sports traumas, or psychological toll can find their way into your life. Overall, it’s a smart move to have a backup plan ready. Yet, it doesn’t mean that young people have to leave sport cold turkey, In fact, there is barely any need to leave professional sport even when you stop being an athlete. 

You can always become a manager in the same sport you were practicing. Having a degree in Sports Business Management will surely help the transition. Of course, it’s not the same as staying a professional athlete. Yet, it’s better than to retire from sports completely. Besides, Humber College can teach you a lot about the managerial side of sports that you might have never even thought of. This world can be exciting in its own way. Who knows? Maybe that’s where your future is. 

  • The University of Victoria. Victoria, Canada

Have you ever considered studying kinesiology? Yes? Well, then you surely must know about the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Of course, this is probably the best school to study a program like this. You don’t just learn about the nuances and specifics of our body and muscle work.

You also learn to help people and sportsmen in particular. Athletes are most prone to push for complete body limits. It often leads to grave consequences. Well, studying kinesiology will surely be a great investment in the future. However, the expectations of you will be similar to a med student. So be ready to seek chemistry essay writing help and study long hours in the library. 

  • Centennial College. Pickering, Canada

If you ever are in the process of writing an expository essay on sports, what would you write? Sure enough, many sports journalists won’t have any problems with completing such a piece. If you feel like one of those people, you should definitely turn your passion for writing and sports into a profession. In this case, an MA degree in Sports Journalism from Centennial College is definitely the right choice for you. This school will teach you everything you need to know about how to write about sports. Moreover, being a sportsman yourself, you will always be around your people, doing what you love. 

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