5 Most Interesting Online Casino Games in Canada

5 Most Interesting Online Casino Games in Canada 1

What is your favorite casino style game to play? You may like extremely popular choices like slot machines or poker, but there are some who like different types of games, especially those that are a little more obscure or forms of the game that differ.

Canadians are no different. They enjoy their casino style games, and there are five online casino games that Canadians find to be the most interesting when playing at the online casinos Canada has to offer. Here is a list of those five.

Online Slots

This is kind of an unfair choice, because there are so many different types of slot machines in terms of themes, payouts, and design. However, that is one of the reasons why they are so interesting to Canadians. Online slots allow players to choose a multitude of pay lines depending upon the game they are playing. They also can choose theme-based games where they can play an online slot based upon their favorite movie, television show, musical artists, or other type of genre.

Because of the variety, Canadians can play a specific game that they find most appealing or there maybe four or five that have caught their attention. Again, this is one of the most interesting aspects of it. There are so many great choices that customers are finding online slots to be a lot of fun.


Blackjack is one of the most popular games on the planet, and it is not surprising that Canadians love it too. There are variations of this game, but Canadians find the traditional form of the game the most interesting.

What has helped to keep this game so popular is how easy it is to learn how to play. It is not that Canadians are ignorant or something. Instead, it is the fact that a person with minimal knowledge or experience playing at an online casino can still quickly learn how to play blackjack. There are only a limited number of rules to learn, and this enables even the most inexperienced player to learn quickly so that they are able to get in on the action.

Lottery Games

Lottery games, such as bingo, are extremely popular as well. This does not include bingo alone, as casinos are also incredibly popular.

Like blackjack, what makes these games popular is the simplicity of them. Virtually everyone has played bingo in their life, especially as a kid. So, most already have a lot of experience in this game and can quickly get in on the action with a minimal learning curve involved.

Keno is also a game that is quick to pick up. So, a lot are finding that this is a great game and an interesting one, because these types of games have been something they have played since their youth.

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Poker is a very interesting game to Canadians. This is not only true because of the variations in the games, but also because of the head-to-head competition involved. Players get the opportunity to pit their skills, expertise, and knowledge against other players. They often get to compete against people from across the country, even across the world, which makes the games even more interesting. 


Roulette has been found to be a very interesting game as well. One of the great appeals of this game is the fact that it is often depicted in television shows and movies. Canadians like the tie in to other types of genres, and this has helped to capture their interest.


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