5 Players To Watch This Season In The NHL

Each year, the National Hockey League welcomes many budding talents. Fresh from junior leagues, international circuits, or collegiate arenas, these newcomers lace up their skates, don their team’s jerseys, and hit the ice with vigor and enthusiasm.

They come with a dream and a purpose: to make their mark on the world’s most prestigious hockey league. Some manage to dazzle fans from the outset, leaving an indelible impression and starting their NHL journey with a bang.

But it’s not just the die-hard hockey enthusiasts at the edge of their seats, anticipating the next big star. The betting community is excited, analyzing each rookie to predict who might rise to stardom.

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So, whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newbie looking to dip your toes, the forthcoming NHL season promises a thrilling ride. Read on as we look into the potential game-changers of this year and offer insights for those wanting to stake their claim on the future stars of the NHL.

Andrei Vasilevskiy

Andrei Vasilevskiy is no stranger to pressure. Lauded as one of the best goaltenders worldwide, he faces a daunting challenge against the Toronto Maple Leafs’ potent offense. The Leafs boast impressive statistics, finishing the regular season with 278 goals, a mere two behind Tampa Bay’s 280. Their star-studded roster includes names like Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner.

Vasilevskiy’s performance this season has seen some variation, but his past playoff expertise showcases his talent. With his 100 career starts and a strong .923 save percentage, Vasilevskiy stands tall against his opponent Ilya Samsonov, offering Tampa Bay the required experience edge.

Mikhail Sergachev

Mikhail Sergachev’s past year has been remarkable. He signed an eight-year contract extension with the Lightning at a crucial time. Following the departure of Ryan McDonagh, Sergachev was trusted with amplified responsibilities. He handled the power play, showcased his prowess with stellar stats, and is currently at the peak of his form.

With his impressive 64 points this regular season and the added pressure of playoffs, Sergachev promises to stand out.

Brandon Hagel

Brandon Hagel’s adaptability is notable. Whether playing in offensive zones, assisting superstars, or aiding in penalty kills, Hagel is up for the challenge. Following the exit of Ondrej Palat, he stepped up, becoming one of the 11th Lightning players to score 30 goals in a season. His tenacity on the rink, as evidenced by his 92 takeaways this season, and his chemistry with Anthony Cirelli on penalty kills, render him a crucial asset for Tampa Bay.

Victor Hedman

Victor Hedman might not have made the loudest impact this season, but his contributions are undeniable. He ended the season with a substantial 49 points in 76 games. Though he hasn’t been at his pinnacle performance, his potential cannot be overlooked.

Hedman’s expertise and stature in the rink make him a formidable force. With a vast playoff experience, he’s anticipated to up his game and play a pivotal role in this series.

Brayden Point

Brayden Point is undoubtedly a player to keep an eye on. With an astonishing 50-goal season and 76 playoff games experience, Point is set to be a game-changer. Known for his speed and dexterity, his ability to navigate the neutral zone is a treat.

Especially with his proficiency in power play situations, Point is expected to be a decisive factor in the First Round against Toronto.


With their unique strengths and capabilities, these five players are set to make a significant impact in the upcoming series. Their performances could dictate the outcome, making them the ones to watch closely as the action unfolds.


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