5 Signs You Need a New Workout Regime

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Icy Canada TeamNovember 11, 2022
Updated 2023/06/15 at 12:42 PM
Health workouts.
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A new workout regim sparks for inspiration and impetus into your fitness journey. Knowing when to begin one is tricky. Read on for more.

Bodybuilding requires an intensive and consistent workout routine. Beginners can be easily discouraged when they don’t see the results they hoped for in a specific period. Sometimes one needs to adjust their diet to one that agrees with massive muscle building. You can also take performance enhancers to help increase your strength, decrease pain and have longer workouts at the gym. Before we give you more solutions, let’s look at the possible signs that your workout regime isn’t working.

  • Skipping Workouts 

Turning off the alarm and going back to sleep if you do morning workouts is a sign you aren’t enjoying the gym. If you’d rather be doing something else instead of working out, it could be because it’s boring or not showing the desired results. Plan a different workout routine focusing more on what you want to achieve, or speak to your fitness trainer about what you want.

  • No Results: Enhance Workout Routine 

It’s easy for the body to get used to the exercises you’ve included in your routine. Therefore you need to add more reps and weight every time you feel your body has adapted to the existing ones. You can buy Canadian steroids to increase your strength and lift heavier weights. Steroids assist in seeing muscle gain results in a timely manner, and they can be taken orally, injected or moisturised on the skin.

  • Painful Joints 

Muscle and joint pain are normal when exercising, especially when you’ve just started working out. But if you are experiencing unusually sharp or radiating pain in your joints long after exercising, that’s a problem you may need to see your doctor about. Workouts are meant to be challenging and fun; no matter how big the muscles you want to develop, they shouldn’t make you suffer from unbearable pain.

  • Boredom 

The gym can eventually get boring if you use the same workout regime. You can increase the weights as you go, but you’ll eventually reach the maximum kilograms of weight available. So eventually, you’ll be at the same spot, same weights, same workout routine. When this happens, change it up a little, try strengthening your leg muscles instead of the arms, jog outside instead of using the treadmill and try mountain climbing. You can divide your routine into outdoor and indoor workouts.

  • A New Fitness Goal


You may have to alter your workout routine when you’ve developed a new fitness interest outside of bodybuilding. For instance, if you’ve signed up to run a marathon, lifting weights will be an outstanding contribution to the goal, but you will need to get out there and spend a significant amount of time chasing the wind in preparation for the big day.


In Conclusion

Bodybuilding or any other fitness goal can take a lot of work to achieve. Hence some people start and then quit in a short period. But the reason behind the gym not working for you can be as simple as needing a new workout regime. Above, we have highlighted the five signs that you need not give up but rather change your workout routine. If you are skipping workouts, not seeing results, have painful joints, are bored or have a new fitness goal, take a look at your workout routine and make adjustments.  As an Amazon Associate, Icy Canada earns from qualifying purchases.
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As an Amazon Associate, Icy Canada earns from qualifying purchases. [amazon_auto_links id="81298"]
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