5 Spring Activities in Canada for Adventure Seekers

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Icy Canada TeamMay 24, 2021
Updated 2023/09/12 at 4:28 AM
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Springtime in Canada is more than just snow melting and trees blooming. It’s an opportunity for you and your family to step outside and explore the activities at your fingertips. While there are often year-round activities, warmer temperatures allow for a more enjoyable experience that doesn’t involve layers of thermal clothing.

Some of the most adventurous activities across the country are best experienced in the spring. Let’s take a look at five of the best experiences adventure-seeking individuals and families can take advantage of in these warm spring months.

Zip Through the Trees

For those who aren’t afraid of heights, ziplining is an exciting daytime activity that allows you to see Canada from a birds-eye view. Whether you’re on the west coast and want to experience ziplining through lush forests or you prefer a water view and want to take your family to Niagara Falls, this activity is one that you and your family can experience year-round. However, it’s particularly memorable in the spring.

Take to Two Wheels

No matter what coast you’re on, Canada’s home to some of the best dirt bike and ATV trails in North America. Whether you prefer tree-lined paths or wide-open spaces, families can enjoy the thrill of two-wheeled adventures.

When it comes to motor-based activities, you and your family should be equipped with the safest equipment possible. Dirt biking is an adrenaline-generating activity that requires secure, licensed vehicles to deliver an authentic experience without compromising safety. Many families choose local suppliers in Chatham or Windsor like Bobs Motorsport to shop for quality dirt bikes, ATVs, and other two or four-wheeled sidekicks.

The Thrill of Roller Coasters

Theme parks are a great day trip for households of all sizes and with children spanning ages. Teenagers and adults can experience the thrill of winding coasters while the young ones can have their fun in the designated children’s sections. Canada is home to multiple theme parks across the country, which means travelling is often more convenient. Theme parks offer a variety of coasters and rides or games to cater to Canadians and international travellers.

Water-Based Adventures

Since there are several significant bodies of water throughout Canada, there are just as many water-based activities for families to take advantage of. Depending on where you live or have travelled to, there are likely numerous activities available, each with its own level of extremity. For those looking for a more serene experience, kayaking or paddleboarding are popular choices among families. If that’s not enough adrenaline, there are rafting and surfing adventures on both coasts. Water sports enthusiasts at every level can enjoy Canada’s landscape throughout the spring and into the summer.

Jumping Off Points

One of the most extreme activities available for adventure seekers is to take to the skies — whether that’s bungee jumping or full-on skydiving. Bungee jumping is a popular spring and summer activity on the west coast, while skydiving is offered in many provinces across Canada — in areas where there are wide open spaces. These activities are perfect for adults looking to take their spring activities to the next level.


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