5 Tips to make your move to Canada easier

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Icy Canada TeamAugust 3, 2022
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If you are moving to the Great White North, then you might wonder how to make your move easy. After all, you might have a new job, old friends, or other issues to worry about once you get to the country, so figuring out what you need to do in order to get to Canada and move in without any trouble is going to really help you out.


Before you start looking for some removals to Canada, you should figure out what is going to make your move as easy as possible. Thankfully, this article is going to show off some of the best ways to move to Canada with no stress, and then you can get started with the next chapter of your life there.

  1. Check Your Money

A few tips under the same cash umbrella here. No matter where you are coming from, you need to find a bank account in order to make purchases, withdraw funds, and also get paid once you find a job in Canada. You can start looking for banks in your home country in order to find a bank tht not only meets your needs, but also has a very good transfer rate. After all, the more time you spend trying to find the best exchange rate for when you transfer your money, the more money you will save.


Additionally, Canada is pretty expensive whenever you compare it to some other countries, especially since the income you need varies by region. Once you do some research and know what region of Canada you are going to move too, then make sure you’ve got enough money to last you a few months or to handle an emergency. 

  1. Apply For Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) And Look For Work

If you want to get government benefits in Canada, or apply for a job and work, you need to get your Social Insurance Number which is issued by the Canadian Government. Whether you apply for the job in person, or by mail or online, it should be one of the first things you do while in the country. 


As you are looking for your SIN and also for some jobs around Canada, you should also be focusing on building your network as well. Talk to people, look for opportunities, go to events, and do what you can to find a job quickly. Knowing that you will have some income coming in as well as a job to look forward too can make the move even easier. 

  1. Grab A Library Card

Alright, alright this might not seem like a massive game changer, but it really is. You will find a lot of people who are congregating around the library because Canada’s library system is one of the best in the world. You don’t just have powerful physical books and digital collections that can provide you with weeks of education and entertainment, but most libraries offer so much more. 

  1. Move Where Your Skills Are In Demand

You’ve got 13 territories to pick from, and each one is extremely different and has a lot of different industries and work needs. For example, Alberta, British Columvia, and Vancouver are all places where physical labor needs have created a lot of jobs. The northern provinces are also good for mining wealth as well.


But along with finding work to do whenever you get to Canada, you can also catch the eye of the Provincial Nomination Program as well. The program gives you a nomination for people to settle in the province if their skills can contribute to the economy.

  1. Find Out About How Health Insurance Is Done In Canada

If you want to take advantage of the free healthcare that Canada is well known for, then you need to find out if your health insurance plan in valid in Canada and what you are covered for. Learning about what benefits you are entitled too and what other benefits you will get while a resident of Canada will make things easier if you get sick or hurt.

Make Sure To Move And Have Fun

If you are moving to Canada, make sure to have some enjoyment with the move. You should have something you are looking forward too. That will make following these steps to get a very easy move even easier, because you will want to set foot in Canada, find your home, and then get started on living your new life!

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