6 Exciting Things to Do in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, adorned with beautiful red sand and stunning beaches, is becoming popular among tourists who love unexplored destinations. While Prince Edward Island is considerably a smaller destination than other popular spots, it is rich in history and picturesque sites and home to amazing cuisines.

Whether you are looking for a family-friendly park, hiking trails, peaceful beaches, or a coastal road trip, this destination has it all. Note that Prince Edward Island is a sizeable Canadian province, which would take about three hours to drive across its length.

Therefore, if you dedicate enough time to a PEI vacation, you can explore all the popular destinations on the island.

If you are planning a trip to Prince Edward Island and wondering what to do and where to visit, this guide is for you. In addition to spending your day at the numerous awe-inspiring spots in this destination, you can enjoy your favorite slots online at Ozwin Casino while relaxing at the beaches or back in your room to wind down.

Keep reading for ideas for a great time in PEI.

  1. Take a Trip Across The Confederation Bridge

Spreading about eight miles, The Confederation Bridge is Canada’s longest bridge and the longest bridge across the globe to traverse iced-over water. The bridge was built to connect Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick’s mainland because of the ice in the water, which made it challenging to get supplies across in boats.

A trip across the bridge will take you approximately ten minutes, during which you will treat yourself to scenic views. Visitors recommend a drive over the iced waters on the marvelous Canadian architecture as it promises a thrilling experience.

You will enjoy the drive, capture some beautiful glances, and get a ton of photo opportunities.

  1. Immerse Yourself in Deep-Sea Fishing

Do you like spending time in the water and are wondering if Prince Edward Island has opportunities for you? Consider trying deep-sea fishing. Prince Edward Island has numerous deep-sea fishing operators you can book for an excursion.

Whether you are craving fresh mackerel and looking to catch one for dinner, or you want to encounter a battle with one of the giant bluefin tunas, PEI is perfect for a deep-sea adventure. You will also meet fly fishers who will share skills and fish tales.

After getting a catch, the operators can fillet the fish for you to take home, or you can cook it on the boat and enjoy your lunch. Other exciting activities you can enjoy during this adventure are starfish hunting and clam digging.

  1. Visit the Green Gable Alpacas Farm

Your Prince Edward Island tour can never be complete without a visit to the Green Gable Alpacas farm. Whether on a solo trip or with the kids, the farm promises a wholesome experience and many unique activities.

You can start with a relaxed afternoon interacting with the charming animals, taking in their tender nature while enjoying the velvety feel of their coats. Through a guided tour of the farm, you will get an opportunity to learn about the alpacas’ personalities and information on how they go about their daily lives.

The farm has a Fibre Studio where you can book a session and learn how to spin, weave, and dye alpaca wool. At the Fiber House Boutique, you will find a range of gratifying alpaca-related products, such as yarn, sweaters, and toys, which you can get as souvenirs.

  1. Visit The Eptek Art & Culture Centre

The Eptek Art and Culture Centre is the Prince Edward Islands culture and art hub. Here, you can immerse yourself in exciting cultural experiences and artistic exhibits.

It makes for the perfect day trip where you can get the opportunity to enjoy different games, events, and exhibits in the galleries. If you are curious about Prince Edward Island’s artists, The Eptek Art & Culture Centre would be the perfect place to gain and understand their perspective.

Do not fret about whether the destination will appeal to your kids. Most exhibits have scavenger hunt games built into them, and the kids will have the time of their lives.

Before you leave, ensure you pass by the gift shop and treat yourself to pieces curated by local artisans.

  1. Spend a Day at Cavendish Beach

Prince Edward Island is home to some of Canada’s best beaches, and Cavendish Beach offers the perfect opportunity to soak it in.

The beach is located within the Prince Edward Island National Park and is known for its red sandstone cliffs and sandy shores. When the waters are calm, you can have a perfect day kayaking or swimming. If you are looking for less intense activities, you can build castles or stroll along the beach edge.

There are campsites nearby where you can hang out and enjoy stargazing or campfire tales at night.

  1. Explore the West Point Lighthouse Museum

The West Point Lighthouse Museum is home to Prince Edward Island’s most expansive collection of lighthouse memorabilia. The highlight of the trip here is the golden opportunity to spend the night at the four-star hotel in the 69-foot lighthouse.

If you are lucky enough to book one of the rooms, you will have an incredible night enjoying the views from the balconies and amusing stories of the lighthouse.

Take Away

If you are looking for a unique Canadian destination with hidden gems, Prince Edward Island is the perfect candidate. It offers an incredible getaway for solo travelers, couples, and families. From beautiful beaches, rich culture, and scenic sites to history, there is alot to explore in PEI.

Prepare for excitement and fun as you explore the stunning island. The six ideas above will go a long way in helping you prepare for the perfect Prince Edward Island bucket list.

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