6 Tips to Help You Lower Your Streaming TV Costs

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Icy Canada TeamDecember 13, 2022
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It seems like technology is developing more quickly every day. The number of movies, television shows, and music that is streamed nearly every second makes streaming one of the most widely used digital entertainment technologies. 

The way we watch television and consume entertainment has changed as a result of technological improvements, and streaming websites have undoubtedly changed.

There are some foreign countries where using a trustworthy VPN is a requirement in order to access various streaming platforms. 

For instance, while having a vast content library, Amazon Prime is a geo-restricted website. As a result, you are unable to utilize it abroad. 

However, this is not a problem that cannot be overcome by signing up for a reliable VPN you can get us amazon prime video in Canada and access its features on the move this way. 

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Here are some suggestions for how to reduce the cost of your streaming television.

Pick affordable, simple memberships

Even though no one enjoys watching ads, if doing so results in financial savings, you might as well. For instance, if you want to watch Paramount Plus without commercials, the monthly fee is $10; but, if you don’t mind them, the cost is only $5. Furthermore, you would save $7 a month by choosing Hulu’s ad-supported plan. Like we used to do in the past, take advantage of commercial breaks by getting a snack, walking to the restroom, or folding some clothes.

Although weighing the pros and cons of the advertisement, consider if you actually require the ultra-premium streaming package, more especially Netflix Premier, which is the only method to get 4K streaming on that service. (It also permits the simultaneous use of four streams as opposed to two.) Here’s a secret: 4K is completely useless if you watch largely on a phone or tablet, even though you’re paying an additional $4.50 per month over its normal plan for that pleasure. Standard-plan HD streaming also looks fantastic, especially on a large TV.

Give your family and friends access to your subscriptions

When it comes to credential sharing, different streaming providers have different standards, but those rules can be ambiguous and challenging to uphold. Just to be the devil’s advocate, does it really matter whether all of those users live under my roof if I’m spending $20 for a Netflix Premium subscription that permits five profile pages and browsing on up to four devices?

That is a practical approach to reducing expenses, right? Yes, but you must pay attention to how streaming services are putting a stop to credential swapping.

Utilize trial offers for gratis

With the exception of Netflix, almost all of the main streaming platforms include a free trial, so if you choose your viewing carefully, you might be able to binge a few shows without spending a dime. Just remember to put a cancellation reminder on your calendar; otherwise, you’ll start getting charged after your trial has ended.

Don’t entrust your smartphone with your money

A complimentary Netflix, Hulu, or even Amazon subscription seems appealing. Such benefits are offered by several mobile operators. For instance, if you have the Magenta Plus plan from T-Mobile with a Netflix Standard membership (valid for two screens), you get it for free. While Metro by T-Unlimited Mobile’s package gives you access to Amazon Prime, AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan includes HBO Max (and Prime Video along with it). With two of its Unlimited data plans from Verizon, you will receive the Disney Bundle.

To retain more money in your wallet at a time when streaming services are raising their fees, it pays to use all these money-saving tips.

Put your subscriptions on hold for a while

Still not prepared to call it quits with your streaming service? You can halt your membership for a brief period of time with a number of providers, giving your bank account a rest. If you freeze your account with Hulu or Sling, you won’t be charged for a maximum of three months, with the opportunity to choose a specific date to resume service. Among the other services that let you pause your subscription for a predetermined period of time, whether it’s a few weeks or months, are Fubo and YouTube TV.

It is crucial to keep in mind that you won’t be able to use any of your products during a stop time, including any streaming services that can be bundled together, like Hulu and Disney Plus. For details on how stopping affects your payment cycle and how long you can put off paying temporarily, check your account page.

Organize your binges

What is really amazing about Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and similar services is that you may cancel your subscription at any time and continue when it’s convenient for you, such as when a favorite show is back on the air. You can take the time off and save money since many series have seasons that alternate with one another throughout the year. (That’s one reason why, even if there is a discount, I don’t advise subscribing for an entire year at once. If you subscribe monthly, you’ll almost likely save more money.

Make a rotation plan for significant cost savings. Instead of signing up for several services at once, you could pick just one, watch all of your favorite episodes there, cancel your subscription, and then switch to another service.


As streaming services increasingly become more expensive, careful budgeting and smart subscription management are the keys to saving money. Taking advantage of free trials, organizing your binges, freezing your accounts for a period of time, and utilizing special offers from mobile carriers can all help you save some bucks on your streaming subscriptions. With a little effort and planning, you can easily keep your entertainment costs within your budget. Remember that your spending habits may vary; the trick is to find the option that works best for you and your wallet. So, go ahead, cut back on streaming expenses and enjoy binge-watching without breaking the bank! 

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