8 Reasons to Choose Canada for Your Study Year Abroad

Are you interested in studying in Canada? Higher education which one can get here is recognized as one of the best in the world. Universities of this country are included in the top lists of educational institutions according to world rankings. In this article, we have selected 8 reasons why you should consider Canada as a country for your study year abroad. Who knows, what if you decide to stay there a little longer? 

  1. One Of The Best Countries To Live In

Canada’s modern cities are quite attractive to students. There are many unique national parks, wildlife, mountain ranges and miles of coastline that you can explore. In addition, Canada is officially recognized as one of the safest countries with a low crime rate. There, you will definitely feel protected. Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto are ranked among the world’s most liveable cities in annual Economist surveys.

2. High Level Of Education

Canada is known for its high standards of education, which are no worse than the USA, Great Britain and other popular student countries. In addition, if you want to improve your French, here, you will have every chance to do it. The country’s bilingual nature provides opportunities to develop language skills and expand career prospects. Your cultural and social life will surely be enriched. 

Of course, at first, you may encounter great stress. You will need to get used to the new environment and meet your teachers and classmates. Many new students suffer from anxiety, especially given the serious academic load. 

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3. Multiculturalism

Many students who come to Canada are surprised by how diverse the local society is. Over the last 150 years, more than 15 million foreigners have moved here, making Canada a country of emigrants. 

According to statistics, a third part of modern Canadians are descendants of emigrants. Given the number of ethnic groups represented in Canada, every student can feel at home here. Plus, Canada’s rich cultural heritage provides a wide range of entertainment and activities. At such events, you may find many like-minded people.

4. Low Cost Of Living

Living in Canada costs much less than in the USA and Great Britain. Thus, students can afford to live in Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Due to government funding of universities, the cost of education in Canada is also lower than in the United States. In addition, international students can rely on scholarships from the Canadian government and the Canadian Scholarship Programmer.

5. Opportunities For Graduates

Let’s imagine you like Canada and want to move here to study. Canadian diplomas are valued all over the world. Along with American ones, they are highly rated throughout the world. Canada has many colleges and practical training programs that can be completed in a short time.

While studying at a university, students have the opportunity to earn extra money. Moreover, after receiving a diploma, graduates have a year during which they can live in Canada, find a suitable job and get employed. The main thing is to make sure that your stay in the country is legal and that you have all the necessary documents. According to statistics, 90% of Canadian university graduates find a job within 6 months of receiving their degree. 

  1. Lots Of Practice During Study

The education system in Canada is focused on practice, so paid internships in international companies from various fields are a great bonus. Foreign students can work while studying at the university for up to 20 hours a week. However, it is important not to violate the number of hours to avoid trouble. 

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  1. New Technologies In Education

Canada invests a significant amount of resources in the educational sector development. In Canadian provinces, there are local ministries that monitor compliance with modern standards. They regularly make adjustments to educational programs. Foreign students will find here rich infrastructure, high-tech equipment, good campuses and laboratories. In such conditions, you will definitely find it interesting and easy to study. 

  1. Good Environment And Natural Beauty Of Canada

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are forests, blue lakes, mountains, and the ocean. It is not surprising that the country has one of the best air quality. Canadians preserve a natural and favorable environment for life, study and work. 

Therefore, take advantage of all the opportunities to expand your horizons and travel. You can make friends on the road and try something completely new, whether it’s hitchhiking or exploring Canada in a van with a big group of students. These memories will stay with you for life.

To Wrap It Up

For students interested in studying abroad, Canada is a safe, open and tolerant multicultural society. It has a unique education system offering a wide variety of academic programs.

An easy residence permit and promising employment opportunities are what awaits you if you decide to move to Canada. International students are considered excellent candidates for permanent residence due to their brilliant language skills and work experience in Canada. 

Policy changes have helped increase the number of hours of paid work allowed for international students and the duration of post-graduation work permits. Therefore, the Canadian climate is absolutely favorable – check for yourself!

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