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H1B Visa: Types of Jobs for Various Professionals

When applying for an H1B Visa, preference is given to the candidates who are skilled professionals and have shown tremendous

Arsh Das Arsh Das November 6, 2020

13 Interesting Facts About County of Brant

The County of Brant is gradually becoming a major tourist destination. It is also recognized as one of Canada's best

Yashraj Singh Giri Yashraj Singh Giri August 7, 2022

How to Land an SEO Job in Canada

Canadians are famously humble. You may not hear us brag about it too often, but Canada is actually one of

Icy Canada Team Icy Canada Team July 25, 2021

Celine Dion’s Iconic Role: Love Again!

The forever iconic and evergreen singer Celine Dion is all set to make an appearance in the upcoming movie 'Love

Pankti Parmar Pankti Parmar May 3, 2023

What Makes Toronto’s Pride Month Special for Queer Musical Icons?

Every music enthusiast in Canada would be electrified by hearing about the upcoming event 'The Candlelight Pride: Queer Musical Icons.

Pankti Parmar Pankti Parmar April 27, 2023

What is the CCS 2023 Breakthrough Team Grant for Esophageal Cancer?

A new ray of hope for people afflicted with esophageal cancer! A team of expert researchers and specialists has been

Vaidehi Prajapati Vaidehi Prajapati May 14, 2023

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Is Business Use of a Personal Vehicle Covered by Insurance?

The automotive industry is enormous with millions of cars driven around the world every day. Along with these cars, there is a need for a

Icy Canada Team Icy Canada Team August 8, 2022
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