A Guide To Delicious Restaurants Downtown Winnipeg

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The best restaurants downtown Winnipeg can make or break a trip. In the core of Canada’s extensive Prairies, Manitoba’s capital, Winnipeg, is a delightful wonder, and far more than a little stopover spot on the route across Canada.

This multicultural center is well recognized for its art scene, historical construction, shopping, libraries, and different establishments.

Here are a few of the biggest restaurants in downtown Winnipeg to check out while in ‘the Peg.’

1. 529 Wellington

Set in a beautifully restored 1912 mansion, 529 Wellington contributes an artistic and upscale dining event, along with fascinating of the city’s–possibly even the country’s–most satisfying food and wine. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

Winner of Wine Spectator Magazine’s ‘Best of Award of Excellence,’ 529 is residence to one of Manitoba’s most comprehensive wine cellars and one of the province’s 14 certified sommeliers.

In supplement to submitting an inclusive seafood menu, which incorporates live lobster rushed in from the coast each week, the restaurant awards one of the country’s largest Canadian prime-grade steak collections.

Guests can experience their mess in the center, emphasizing dark wood paneling, a majestic staircase, furniture, dazzling chandeliers, or head outside to the beautiful riverside terrace in the summer.

Where? 529 Wellington, Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg,

2. Come ‘n Eat

The sparkling Come ‘n Eat restaurant is recognized on the second floor of Neechi Commons, a worker-owned cooperative that also incorporates a Grocery Store, Bakery, and Art Gallery. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

Implementing professional and collective business ownership to homeowners, the Neechi Commons house, and Come ‘n Eat are an element of an action to revitalize Winnipeg’s fighting North End.

Tendering all-day breakfast and lunch, the restaurant’s cuisine is inspired by the neighborhood’s Aboriginal inhabitants. According to warm meals like Blueberry Bannock French Toast, the eatery is suddenly shifting a neighborhood preference for breakfast.

Full-length panes present an abundance of rustic light and a beautiful avenue of Main Street, while the low-key furnishing and chalkboard menu generates the heart of a friendly neighborhood diner.

Where? Come ‘N Eat, 2nd Floor of Neechi Commons, 865 Main St, Winnipeg, 

3. Resto Gare

Set in a 100-year-old subway depot, Resto Gare extends conventional French cuisine served with regional produce from Winnipeg. Connected to the previous station is an antique train car, which is convenient for special dining.

The station and coach have been transformed into advanced dining spaces, furnished with spacious counters, deep timber boards, a massive fireplace, and gorgeous red and blue tone themes.

The menu highlights traditional French specialties like Boeuf Bourguignon and more moderate alternatives, such as varieties of Pasta, Soups, Sandwiches, and Salads.

Established in Winnipeg’s French Quarter, Resto Gare’s bilingual service and francophone music complement its French bistro menu. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

Where? Resto Gare, 630 Des Meurons St, Winnipeg

4. Winnipeg Free Press News Café

Established in midtown Winnipeg’s well-known west exchange community, the Winnipeg Free Press News Café is a different community meeting area where guests can watch live-streaming news shows.

In supplement to allowing an opportunity for diners to engage local journalists and see them at work, the cafe also entertains speeches, book presentations, and workshops.

The cafe’s manageable decor highlights oversized windowpanes, a raised roof, a presentation of photos, and a charming small patio outdoor.

The menu consists of Sandwiches, Salads, and tasty Soups Du Jour, such as Lentil and Black Bean Soup. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

Guests can see Canada’s lawmakers, sports models, performers, composers, and other notable characters here–and with voter indifference developing over the last few years, the News Café also holds the more elevated purpose of making Winnipeggers more occupied in their neighborhood district.

Where? Winnipeg Free Press News Café, 237 McDermott Avenue, Winnipeg

5. The Neighborhood Bookstore And Café

Located in Winnipeg’s quaint Wolseley area, one of the most alert pre-1930 residential sectors in Canada, the comfortable Neighborhood Bookstore and Café gives a diverse range of used magazines and premium decoction to go with it.

The menu emphasizes various regional baked goods and sandwiches and Onigiri, a conventional Japanese bite of rice balls with various savory layers, such as Tuna or Pickled Plum.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

The cafe is also domestic to a comfortable year-round terrace, often the backdrop for talented acts in the more temperate months. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

Where? The Neighbourhood Bookstore and café, 898 Westminster Ave, Winnipeg.

6. Connie’s Corner Café

The outside of Connie’s Corner café looks a little run-down, but walk inside, and you’ll find yourself brought into a traditional family diner. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

With a mark in the windowpane extending the possibility of purchasing second-hand items, it is no wonder that the restaurant’s center is cluttered with dream catchers, old-fashioned jukeboxes, and a lava lamp, and a re-purposed tobacco device.

The teal-colored stops are filled with photos of regional Winnipeg personalities and several images from Connie’s family photos. This is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

Connie’s labors’ original diner charge for breakfast and lunch, including omelets and bannock, a political long-time preference for their generous servings and large prices.

Where? Connie’s Corner Café, 967 Main St, Winnipeg

7. Rae And Jerry’s Steakhouse

A Winnipeg icon since 1957, Rae and Jerry’s Steakhouse is a shelter for carnivores, serving no-nonsense Steaks and Superior Rib, including T-Bone, Filet Mignon, and New York Sirloin.

One of the restaurant’s most excellent features is its retro decor, with deep red plush carpeting, mirrored surfaces dark woods, and leatherette banquettes. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

The fascinating element about this old-school center is that it’s absolutely genuine, and it has evolved little in the decades since it first inaugurated. This is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

With the establishment proceeding to attract hosts almost every evening of the week, it’s easy to see why, over the years, they’ve prepared a simplistic viewpoint of presenting unspoiled beef and excellent service.

Where? Rae and Jerry’s Steakhouse, 1405 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

8. Fusion Grill

No eatery in Winnipeg quite embraces neighborhood cuisine like the award-winning Fusion Grill. The stimulating establishment accepts only pure, regional, unadulterated produce and entertainment, and everything are made on-site from scratch.

In extension to regionally inspired specialties like grilled Rockwood Elk with a Caramelized Shallot and Barley Risotto White-Truffle Pierogies with Duck Sausage and Walnut Cream, the establishment is recognized for its comprehensive wine choice, with owner Scot McTaggart happily contributing companies his recommendations.

The homely dining area emphasizes white linens and social art, while Winnipeg and other Canadian musicians create the feast’s soundtrack. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

Where? Fusion Grill, 550 Academy Rd, Winnipeg

9. Human Bean Coffee & Tea Cityplace

Human Bean now designates an energetic place next to the Graham Avenue entrance house, with accessible sightlines to passersby on either floor–pivotal to changing on so much of the midtown traffic forcing its route through Cityplace as a freeway.

Human Bean also has welcoming accommodation, replenishing channels, and Wi-Fi access–the only site besides the food court to camp out–which perform host to business gatherings and trainees and specialists operating through lunch. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

Photo by Daan Evers on Unsplash.

Along with fresh-made salads and sandwiches for a relaxed snack, or desserts, and treats made-in-house or sourced from small-town confectionery, Human Bean has an outstanding lineup of beverage and tea donations–a standout in a brand-new stream of coffee production.

Where? 333 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg

10. The Mitchell Block Restaurant

At The Mitchell Block, you’ll discover an absolutely genuine dining encounter. It is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg. They are a tiny, autonomously owned and worked Restaurant in the center of Winnipeg’s East Exchange District. This is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

Their team solely share a profoundly established enthusiasm for excellent food and living accommodation. This can be observed in their professional yet affable waitstaff, their selection of pure local components, and their time making outstanding house-made pasta varieties.

Whether you’re just halting by for a glass of wine or cocktail before the presentation, are gathering with a dormant client, or rejoicing over supper with the family, you’ll be exhilarated you’re here.

Where? 173 McDermot Ave Winnipeg

11. Deer + Almond

Not known as a targeted downtown for dining, or much but wildlife and hockey based on the investigation while preparing a three-day visit.

It was around 8:00 pm on Wednesday that walk-in availability was discovered at Winnipeg’s deer + almond, one of only two Manitoba Eateries on Canada’s “Top 100” in enhancement to Segovia, which would be encountered the following evening as the best restaurants downtown Winnipeg.

Positioned midtown near the Exchange District, a low-slung structure amidst physical skyscrapers quickly determined as it resembles to be the only populated place in the neighborhood after nightfall.

Visitors requesting Deer + Almond will publish the pounding of bass from some three meters out, the possibility of gateways directly recognizing just what kind of “knowledge” the Restaurant is working to produce.

Toque by Chef Mandel Hitzer and distinguished avant-garde for Winnipeg, the menu is adequately characterized as a fusion and impersonated as “Tapas” by servers. This is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg.

It was directly upon seating in a place constructed for 68 but operating just seven that courses were reported, the server social but unsophisticated as she quoted immediately from a blackboard visible to the left.

Certainly, no place for those skeptical about big flavors or loud sounds, thumping Rap obviously becoming more blatant as time advanced. It was with a miniature container of heavily seasoned Popcorn and Water that approximately twenty minutes passed before they demanded the course’s appearance.

The opening a tangle of charred Carrots whose fundamental generosity found stability in Hazelnut Butter and grated Cheese plus crunchy spots of Granola while simple Celeriac thankfully took a backseat.

Where? 85 Princes Street Winnipeg

12. Clementine

Initiated with Adam Donnelly, though the Chef of Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant has since exchanged his piece to colleagues, Clementine Cafe has been receiving accolades since 2016 as one of Winnipeg’s most desirable places for Breakfast. You will be given an extensive wine selection alongside.

Positioned below street level in the Exchange District, this is one of the best restaurants downtown Winnipeg; many stairs are required to be operated en route to a sizable apartment flanked by bars for Espresso and Booze plus an expansive pantry to the back.

Shortly after Clementine’s Seven o’clock possibility that period was found abandoned save for two Senior Citizens, service expectedly punctual and qualified as Women and Men in the back waited occupied planning for a charge around 8:00 am.

Accepting just nine courses and eight sides every day, most prone to normal difference, it was heated by a strong Americano that insignificant consequences caught before taking a container of Chia Seed Pudding fortified with Cashew Milk and pureed Bananas.

The extension of diced Peaches plus Berries and Granola building a refreshing and delicious stew that reasonable charges uniformly well in cool or temperate weather. This is one of the best restaurants in downtown Winnipeg. Visit this place for a great dining experience.

Where? 123 Princess Street Winnipeg

13. The Merchant Kitchen

This is one of the best restaurants downtown Winnipeg and this restaurant offers and the original establishment of the unique Alt Hotel near the MTS Centre. This area’s approach is just north of the lodge opening in a not so clear opening, but you can access the resort room. It’s located near the Canadian museum for humans.

The theory is Latin and Asian street food, so quantities of tiny plates to experience and some sharing plates taken from NYC’s David Chang’s Momofuku’s notion of the shared Fried Chicken Platter and great Indian food.
Where? 314 Donald Street Winnipeg


So if you are a foodie, try these places!! I can assure you; you’ll have great food 🙂

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