A Guide to Demetres’ 20+ Flavours

In the pantheon of Toronto dessert spots, Demetres holds its position at the top. A city institution dating back to 1989, the chain of dessert restaurants has been the meeting point for countless milestone parties, first dates and “why not treat ourselves?” nights on the town. It has appeared in numerous local newspaper articles, “best of the city” roundups and blog write-ups (this one included!). It’s about as Toronto as you can get. 

Therefore, when Demetres decided to launch a spin-off brand focused solely on ice cream, called Scooped by Demetres, the city of Toronto got justifiably excited. Suddenly, the Demetres brand went from offering a few curated, classic ice creams to a stacked roster of over 20 flavours. 

Looking at the menu, you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. Not only does Scooped by Demetres offer several ice cream types – but they also incorporate global flavours and complex combinations that defy easy explanation. 

In this article, we offer a roadmap for tackling the sprawling ice cream menu. If you’re planning on visiting Toronto – or if you’re a Torontonian looking for their summer ice cream fix – consider this essential reading. Here’s your guide to Demetres’ 20+ ice cream flavours. 

Artisan-Made Classics

To make things easier, we’ve broken the extensive menu into bite-sized categories, starting with the classics. Like any world-class ice cream shop, Scooped by Demetres understands that you have to master the classic flavours before you start innovating. 

On paper, their vanilla is about as standard as you can get; but dig deeper, and you’ll find a few fresh twists that elevate the staple flavour. Instead of relying on corn syrups or refined sugar, the company opts to sweeten their vanilla ice cream with honey. As for the vanilla, they use 100% real Madagascar vanilla, lending their confection uncharacteristic depth, warmth and complexity. 

Elsewhere on the menu, Demetres reinvents your average pecan ice cream by adding 100% Ontario maple syrup (makes sense for a Canadian brand!); they use smoked sea salt to add oomph to their caramel ice cream; they intensify their chocolate ice cream with cinnamon, brown sugar and cream cheese; they add zip to a strawberry ice cream with balsamic vinegar glaze; and they evoke that 70s dinner party classic, Black Forest cake, with a tart cherry and dark chocolate ice cream. 

Out-of-the-Box Innovators

At this point, you might be thinking, “If those are the classics, what do their innovative flavours look like?” Fair question. You can spot a theme on the Scooped by Demetres menu; the company seems determined to plumb the depths of global cuisine to find new and largely-unknown flavours. 

For instance, the menu features a “cajeta” ice cream that uses Mexican goat’s milk dulce de leche and goat’s cheese. Cajeta isn’t very well-known beyond the Mexican borders, but the slightly tart, earthy flavour fits perfectly in an ice cream. 

They use Sicilian blood oranges, native to the Southern Mediterranean, to create a creamsicle flavour with honey and rich local dairy. They incorporate rose flavours, a staple in Middle Eastern cuisines, to elevate a strawberry-based ice cream. And they’ve even turned the good ol’ American apple pie into an ice cream complete with cinnamon oat streusel, real apples and brown butter. 

Decadent Dessert Flavours

If it’s full-blown decadence you want, Scooped by Demetres will oblige. Their “rich and bold” selection of ice creams is tailor-made for those days when all you want is a cone full of comfort – celebrations, break-ups, good days and bad. 

Their double-barrel white chocolate ice cream (aptly named Roasted White Chocolate Squared) boasts a blonde chocolate Stracciatella base weaved with caramelized Belgian white chocolate. Their Supercrema Hazelnut Chocolate flavour calls to mind that breakfast spread everyone loves (you know the one) while elevating each element with superior ingredients. And lower down the menu, you’ll find a cinnamon bun packed inside an ice cream (yes, it’s as good as it sounds); a rich coffee ice cream that packs just the right caffeine kick; a pistachio ice cream bolstered by white chocolate ganache, and a raspberry ice cream that mimics New York-style cheesecake. 

Cranking the decadence volume up to 11, these flavours don’t mess around. They are a no-holds-barred celebration of what we love about ice cream: its ability to comfort and excite, in equal measure. 

Fruit-Forward Sorbettos

If you’re in the mood for something a little lighter than a double white chocolate ice cream, you’re in luck. 

Many non-Canadians don’t realize just how warm Toronto gets in the summer – routinely reaching highs of 83 degrees F (28 degrees C). To combat the heat, Scooped by Demetres has a refreshing lineup of fruit-based sorbettos based on traditional Italian recipes. They mix ripe mangos and bright passionfruit for a Caribbean-inspired sorbetto that will transport you to a beachside hammock somewhere. They weave Campari – the quintessential Italian herbal liqueur – into a citrusy invention reminiscent of streetside cafes in Milan. And their watermelon basil sorbetto tastes like you stuffed a summer picnic into a scoop. 

These fruit-forward sorbettos are entirely plant-based, allowing vegan ice cream lovers to partake in the excitement. 

And More

So far, we’ve only touched on ice creams offered at Scooped by Demetres. If you find yourself at a Demetres Dessert Restaurant, you’ll find a whole different roster of flavours to try. Available in pint form or scooped overtop waffles and crepes, Demetres churns out cheekily named flavours like “Dulce and Banana” (with dulce de leche and marinated bananas) and Cocoa Chanel (with French dark chocolate ice cream, Oreos and brownie bits). 

Toronto’s food scene is unbelievably vibrant, multicultural and forward-thinking. And nothing captures that Toronto ethos better than the sprawling, globally-inspired menu at Demetres and Scooped by Demetres. If you travel to Toronto, check out the Scooped by Demetres in the historic Distillery District, a perfectly preserved brick and cobblestone complex in the heart of downtown. And if you’re from Toronto… Well, congratulations. You can eat Demetres ice cream whenever you please, slowly making your way through the 20-plus list of irresistible flavours.

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