A Look at India: A Nation in Progress

A Look at India: A Nation in Progress 1

With an increasing demand for foreign education and enhanced awareness about the international curriculum, more and more parents are sending their children to International Schools. These schools have been growing in India, with more students opting for the International Baccalaureate programs at the school level that ensure overall development. They also instill creativity and the power of free-thinking, which is important in today’s globalized society.

Earlier, only high-class families could send their kids to foreign countries for education. But now, the trend has expanded to include people of middle-class families as international schools have made it more affordable. The multilingual and multiracial environment is necessary for students who want to opt for international universities later to get accustomed.

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Not just International Baccalaureate, but other programs from the UK like the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and Edexcel, both from the UK, have a lot of affiliated schools in India. These are spread across 19 Indian states.

However, many schools have come up which use the word ‘International’ without any affiliation to international schooling programs. So the HRD ministry has recommended setting up the International Schools Regulatory Authority (ISRA) to keep things in check.
The authority would regulate the specifications, percentage of international students, and the student-teacher ratio and set up infrastructure and curriculum.  It will also decide the ratio of international to local teachers for these institutions.

The authority shall also be cognizant of schools having dual affiliations with international boards and national boards (CBSE, CISCE, and state boards.)

Also, many schools have applied for affiliation to IB programs without registration or authentication, and hence the authority needs to keep an eye on the proceedings.

That’s not to say that India isn’t seeing foreign tourists on its own.

India Records Staggering Foreign Tourists on eVisa

56.6% growth in foreign tourists arrival on e-visa in December 2016

India is poised on the cusp of going digital all the way, and with the current government backing the digital initiative, it is only to be expected that the number of e-visas issued would see an increase. What is surprising is that the number of those availing the e-visa crossed all expectations. About 162250 tourists arrived in Delhi last month, availing of the e-visa option.
The e-visa works to make things simple. You can apply for the visa online rather than have to wait in long queues at an embassy. Once you file your application, you would get an email notification regarding the same, where you would also be informed as to how long the review process would take, with a final intimation, post the review. Of course, you would still be required to provide valid documentation when you apply for it.

Once you have obtained the e-visa, you can book your ticket to India and get the visa stamped on your passport on arrival at any of the 16 international airports, spread all over India with your biometric information and other details recorded.

This visa is not to be confused with the visa on arrival though there is not much difference between the two. Other than the fact that you would be required to validate your credentials when applying for an e-visa and would have to wait for a few weeks before you are issued one, there’s not much to set the two apart.

Currently, the Government Of India has extended this facility to over 160 nations and their nationalities, enabling them to apply for the visa online. More importantly, the process of reviewing and recording biometric data enables the government to track all incoming tourists easily. An e-visa is generally valid only for thirty days, through the applicant can apply for a renewal if needed.

Indians Planning More Tours Abroad Too

If you are from India and planning to visit South Africa, there’s good news for you. South Africa’s Forest Adventures has come up with an attractive package specially designed for Indian tourists.

This package — known as “The Cape Adventure Day Tour,” includes a day-long program of six activities, including free guided transportation and lunch at a seaside restaurant. All these six activities can be completed in a single day!

You don’t have to worry about the price either. It is very budget-friendly— bound to appeal even to price-sensitive travelers. Go sandboarding or quad biking along the mountains and the vineyards, have a tour of the African Penguins’ at Stony Point, or visit Hermanus, the coastal town, and experience a treetop zip line tour! Complete all these and more in just eight hours!

One of the highlights of this package is the ride through Clarence Drive. One of the most scenic roads in the world— driving through this road will allow you to catch a glimpse of dolphins and whales.

Clinton Lerm, Managing Director, South African Forest Adventures, is very excited to launch this package. He says that it is perfect for all Indian tourists, especially those who have tight schedules and do not have time to visit every place they want. This tour is bound to tick off a lot of places that are there on your bucket list.

The places that this package takes you to visit are not very far from Cape Town either, so it is a very convenient offering that keeps the travelers’ comfort and requirements in mind. Book this package through the Indian office to have a unique experience that you will never forget. It is a package worth the money!

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