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Midway through your online casino experience, you might discover that slots are the crème de la crème of online casino offerings. When this happens, you will become a diehard slots enthusiast. Moreover, you may never look back.

Yes, table games, live casino games, and sportsbook games are entertaining, as many players will tell you. But when compared to slots, these other titles seem slightly complicated, even if you can learn them in a sitting or two. 

That said, slots are the best casino games you can treat yourself to when you feel like winning real money prizes, exploring new immersive offers, and claiming tons of bonuses without breaking a sweat. 

Wazdan Gaming understands that slots appeal to amateur, skilled, and even veteran casino players. For this reason, the game developer has designed and created various slot titles that players of all levels of experience will find genuinely entertaining and also worth their time and money. Without further ado, let us explore the best slots Wazdan has to offer.

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Top 5 Wazdam Gaming Slots

If you live in a house/home where swearing or using curse words is penalized by putting money in the coin jar, then you will be better off playing the Wazdan games we are about to explore in your safe space –far from everyone. Similar to Conquistador slots, these games are ridiculously immersive, amazing, and entertaining. Fortunately, they also promise to make up for the coins you put in the swear jar with fantastic prizes and hours of unforgettable fun.

Magic Stars 3

If you have ever played a traditional 3 by 5 slot, you will find Wazdam’s Magic Stars 3 slot familiar. The slot has a 96.5% RTP, 3 reels, and 5 paylines. Moreover, its animations are out of this world, just like the title’s theme, based on outer space experiences. 

Wazdam focused on the functionality of this slot. Unlike most popular slots, Magic Star 3 uses a minimalistic design. That said, Magic Star 3 not only boasts excellent visual aesthetics, but it also has a functional design. You will not find it stuffed with features or bonus offerings, yet it is still very popular with slot enthusiasts who want to win up to 200 their bet size.

Let’s set the slot’s design aside. If you want to win great prizes while enjoying the slot, follow the rainbow-colored star icon. In addition to having the highest symbol value, the rainbow-colored star icon is also the Wild Symbol on Wazdam’s Magic Star 3. For this reason, landing the colorful star will help you create more winning combinations.  

There are various unique features on Wazdan’s Magic Star 3, and you can use them to personalize your gaming experience. You will have the opportunity to increase or decrease the title’s volatility levels, which will simultaneously help you control the frequency of your winnings. The feature we love most is the Big Screen Mode. Use it to adjust the Magic Stars 3 zoom levels to fit the screen of your preferred mobile device. 

Burning Stars 3

If you believe fruit slots never change, we have to tell you that the assumption is wrong. Wazdan Gaming has reimagined fruit slots with Burning Stars 3. That said, this immersive slot features a blend of classic and more familiar fruit symbols. 

Burning Stars 3 has a 96.12% RTP, and it is built on a 3 by 3 grid slot, and it has a wild symbol that does its magic on the paylines. The wild symbol will substitute all symbols except the bonus symbol on the paylines to allow you to claim bigger, better, and even life-changing prizes. For this reason, slots enthusiasts who have played Burning Stars 3 will tell you that temperatures never drop during gameplay. It only gets hotter, especially when you approach lucrative prizes like the available jackpots. 

Yes, Burning Star 3 has a bonus round that treats players to unique delights. You can trigger the bonus round by landing 3 bonus symbols on the reels. Remember that these symbols should appear on the reel at the same time. 

Great things come in threes in this Wazdan Gaming slot. Therefore, you will receive 3 respins after triggering the bonus round, and the respins will reset every time the Burning Star hits the grid. So, expect many prizes during the bonus round, including the Grand Jackpot that lets players walk away with prizes 2187X their bet size.

Lastly, Burning Star 3 will let you personalize and take your mobile gaming experience to the next level. Wazdan Gaming included features to let you adjust the speed, volatility, and screen size during Burning Star 3 gameplay.  

Magic Fruits Deluxe

Of course, yes. Fans of classic slot games, newbies to the online slots scene, and players interested in sampling retro slots will enjoy playing Wazdan Gaming’s Magic Fruits Deluxe. While these games might seem old, take our word for it, the slot will be worth your time and money. The 3-reel and 5-payline is entertaining as it is vibrant. Players should expect to claim regular prizes thanks to the slots 96.41% RTP.

We bet you are interested in claiming the bonuses Wazdan’s Magic Fruits Deluxe has to offer. So it’s safe to guess that you wouldn’t want to miss out on any in-play bonus available to the players who indulge in this slot. 

The Joker is the Magic Fruits Deluxe’s main bonus symbol. As usual, the Joker always has some tricks up his sleeve, and this is why he will not appear as a separate icon on the reels. Instead, you will notice that the Joker appears below other icons on the reels, and when this happens, know that it is your turn to claim huge prizes. Landing three Joker icons on the payline will earn you the biggest wins of up to 40X your bet amount. 

Relax, the game is not broken. The game might maintain its smartphone layout when you switch gameplay from an iPhone to your iPad. The great news is that Wazdan Gaming anticipated that this could happen, and this is why it included the Big Screen Mode feature to help you enjoy immersive gameplay on your tablet or iPad. 

Larry The Leprechaun

Gold is hard to find unless you have the keys to your country’s central bank’s vault or a leprechaun friend. Fortunately, Wazdan Gaming understands that, like Midas, you might have an appetite for gold, and this is why they designed the slot, Larry the Leprechaun. But like the Joker, the leprechaun is always scheming, so finding his stash of precious gold bars will be a feat in itself. 

If you haven’t played Larry The Leprechaun, you are missing out on the chance to claim lucrative cash prizes that will get you all the gold you want. The title has a 96.47% RTP and allows players to walk away with wins of up to 350X their bet. Larry The Leprechaun has unique gameplay since it doesn’t use paylines. Instead, the title uses 16 separate reels, and you can win cash prizes when you line at least 8 similar symbols. 

Larry The Leprechaun is one of the few titles that allow players to block the position of the slot symbols for favorable winning combinations. You will come across the silver and gold coin symbols that will help you claim free spins and bonus spins, respectively. 

Coins aside, the title also has a wild symbol that triggers lucrative payouts. A sack symbol will allow you to claim the Magic Sack Bonus, triggering special spins and more wild symbols. 

Larry The Leprechaun has immersive graphics, a captivating soundtrack, and fluid animations that make spending time with Larry a pleasurable experience. 

Midnight In Tokyo

If you are ready to immerse yourself in an entertaining, action-packed, and rewarding slot experience, look no further than Midnight In Tokyo. The Wazdan Gaming title promises to let your journey and fight alongside a group of fierce cat warriors. 

Midnight In Tokyo’s backdrop is the beautiful skyscraper-filled skyline that gives you stunning views of Tokyo when the sun falls. Be ready to be awed. Yes, like all titles from Wazdan, the slot will let you walk away with lucrative prizes of up to 3000X your bet amount. Moreover, the 96.16% RTP will help you claim regular prizes. 

Besides having an attractive backdrop and theme, players can earn different cash prizes by collecting the Moon symbols. Players who want to Hold the jackpot should find and collect the Geissymbolsbls. That said, be on the lookout for Midnight In Tokyo symbols if you fancy claiming the Major and Grand Jackpots the slot has to offer. 

Don’t forget to collect the Kung Fu or Ninja Wilds. These symbols will give you the super abilities you need for more cash prizes. If you wonder how, note that Midnight In Tokyo’s wild symbols will vertically or horizontally split the adjacent symbols, except other bonus symbols, thereby increasing your winning ways. You can also double your wins if you perfect your karate chop skills, which allows you to chop through bricks. 


Wazdan Gaming has entertaining, rewarding, and action-packed slot titles that you can enjoy whenever and wherever. In addition to excellent bonus features such as free spins, bonus rounds, and jackpot games, these slots also have excellent RTP%, which will give you the chance to claim lucrative prizes regularly. Of course, Wazdan’s slots are also customizable to give players the best gaming experience. And this means that players of all levels of experience can enjoy the titles. 

If you are ready to embark on slot adventures like no other, playing the top Wazdan slots we have explored in this post would be best. So, don’t just read about them. Visit sites with these games and embark on immersive slot adventures.

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