AI Grammar Checker: What You Should Know

Most of us have to write online, even if we aren’t writers. Entrepreneurs have to write an elevator pitch to convince a client or get funding. Or, you can be a social media manager with a duty to write creative posts and updates. 

Sometimes, even students need to write well for their research papers and theses. 

You must write impeccably to impress your clients, customers, readers, or teachers in all such cases. Otherwise, you may lose the deal, upset your readers, or get poor grades. 

An AI grammar checker can come in handy in such situations to help you write like an expert. The tool is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to improve your writing. 

In this blog, we will explore every aspect of using an artificial intelligence-driven grammar checker. You will have all the information to make the most of the solution and write like a reputed author. 

First, let’s find out why you should use a tool to check your grammar and errors.


Why Do You Need an AI Grammar Checker?

Humans are prone to making errors while writing. We make several errors while writing, like:

  • Using dangling modifiers
  • Being unclear about pronoun references
  • Incorrect sentence fragments
  • Using wrong tenses

The same applies to even seasoned writers who are used to writing flawlessly, says writing expert Angelina Grin. They may end up making grammar and other mistakes that are easily overlooked. 

As a result, your main goal for writing may not be easy to attain. For example, a sales email filled with errors is less likely to convert your customer. 

Therefore, you need a tool to identify errors in your writing and get suggestions for correct alternatives. 

Can You Use a Spell Checker Instead? 

Writing tools like Microsoft Word come with a spell checker. You may even find a range of software that helps you find spelling mistakes in your writing. 

However, they do not come close to a solution that uses artificial intelligence to check mistakes. Why?

Spell checkers can identify only spelling mistakes. Therefore, they cannot help you find out grammatical mistakes. Additionally, they don’t recommend corrected versions to improve your writing. 

As a result, you may have to edit your essay at Studybay by paying others if you’re a student. Or, entrepreneurs may have to pay an editor to revise and correct their copy. 

Grammar checking tools powered by AI scan your writing deeply. They find out every possible mistake you make and not just spelling errors. 

You also get suggestions like shortening your sentences to keep them concise. A spell checker does not have so many features or the capability of grammar checkers.


How Does an AI Grammar Checker Work?

An AI checker relies on artificial intelligence to track a range of errors. It can learn from data available online to understand what is correct and what is wrong. 

Based on the data, AI can find out any mistake you make in your writing. AI can track not only grammatical errors but also other errors. 

For example, the tool might suggest a modern word if you end up using an archaic word. 

AI sorts your writing into sentences, words, and alphabets. Then it studies your text to identify mistakes you have made. 

With time, AI can learn to find more mistakes and suggest better alternatives. 


What Can an AI Grammar Checker Do?

You might think a grammar checker powered by AI only finds grammatical errors. But it can do a lot more that we will explore below.


Find Out Every Mistake in Your Writing

AI software that checks for grammar errors also finds spelling mistakes, wrong verbs, incorrect tenses, and more. This is not possible with spell checkers that miss out on grammatical aspects.

Even online writing tools like Google Docs may leave out a few mistakes. 

However, AI does not miss out on any errors and scans your text deeply. You can find and correct all mistakes to make your writing error-free. 


Evaluate Your Text Against Several Parameters

AI uses data to pitch your text against several parameters to improve your writing. It may assess your writing based on several factors like:

  • Conciseness
  • Clarity
  • Context
  • Engagement

Additionally, you may get a score for your text that you can improve by editing your document. The higher the score, the more are the chances of writing a great piece. 


Get Recommendations to Write Better

Digital solutions driven by AI do more than find every error in your text. They also provide ample suggestions to write like a pro by replacing your words or rearranging them. 

Let’s say you have written, “Smartphones are becoming popular all over the world.” However, AI can suggest a better version of your sentence for conciseness. 

For example, it may suggest writing, “Smartphones are now popular worldwide.”

Similarly, you get recommendations for a range of aspects to improve your text.


Set Your Custom Goals

You may be able to define customs goals for your writing in AI error checkers. For example, you can set your target audience as expert-level readers or beginners based on your needs. 

Or, you may be able to set the intention of writing your text, such as:

  • Informational writing
  • Telling a story
  • Describing something
  • Convincing readers (for businesses)

The tool will use your goals to scan your text and suggest improvements. 


Check for Plagiarism

A few tools that use AI to assess grammar errors can check your text for plagiarism. They scan your text and find out if it matches any existing article or blog on the internet. 

You can then change your words or sentences to make your writing unique. 

Checking for plagiarism is essential in some domains. Universities take a strict stance against plagiarism, so your text shouldn’t match others. Students should always ensure they submit plagiarism-free papers to their professors. 

Otherwise, professors may even reject your submission. 

Moreover, plagiarism is strictly avoided in the case of online texts, like your website copy. You should write unique content for search engines to rank your website. 

So, you may need to check your text for plagiarism for several reasons


Write Error-Free Everywhere

Most proofreading tools are online. However, you may access a few solutions that provide you with a browser extension. As a result, your writing will become free of errors, no matter the platform you are on. 

For example, you may write social media posts using your tool’s browser extension. Additionally, you may even integrate the tools with software like Microsoft Word or Excel. 

Therefore, you don’t need to worry over mistakes, irrespective of where you write. Also, you get more free time in college and unique ways to enjoy it


How to Use an AI Grammar Checker?

It is very simple to use an AI error checker to scan your text for mistakes and improvements. Just follow the steps below:


Complete Your Writing

You can write your draft copy on resources like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. However, the checker supports text from almost anything you write on. 

For example, you can even scan texts written on Microsoft Notepad. 


Login to Your Account

Now, log in to your AI text checker using your ID and password. You may skip this step if your checker is downloaded to your computer. 


Copy-Paste Your Text on the Checker

Copy the text from your document and paste it into the grammar checking tool. Your text will retain its formatting, like headings and bullet points. 


Set Your Goals

Some tools will allow you to set your goals for the text you want to check. You may be able to set parameters like your purpose and domain of writing. 

Customizing your goals gives you a better chance of improving your text. The AI evaluates the text based on your configuration to provide the most relevant suggestions. 


Check Your Text

You can now evaluate your text for errors using your checker. The tool will highlight the grammatical and spelling errors you have made. It will also suggest the corrected versions of the mistakes. 

Next, you can check your text for improvements. Your solution may recommend different words or sentence combinations to make your text better. It is up to you to determine if you want to follow all the suggestions of your tool. 

However, be mindful while checking your text. Not every suggestion made by an AI text evaluator may be right for your needs or purpose. 

Here, you need to rely on your judgment to decide what you want. 


Copy Your Text Back

You can now copy the corrected text back to your document. If you’re writing online, you may post your text on your desired channel.

However, check your text’s formatting before you finally submit your copy. 


You Know You Need an AI Grammar Checker

An AI-based grammar checker is the best companion for anyone who wants to write well. It identifies several errors that include more than just spelling errors. Additionally, you get recommendations for improving your text for a better appeal. You can check any text by copy-pasting your writing on the grammar-checking solution. 

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