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Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada TeamMay 19, 2021
Updated 2023/07/21 at 9:57 AM

Sometimes, in sports, teams with the right blend of skills and camaraderie win championships against juggernaut teams loaded with hall of fame players. In business, you need to bring together people who fit with each other and whose competencies align with your targets.

The Canadian economy is like others right now, struggling and vulnerable, yet holding on with signs of light at the end of the tunnel. Nowadays, job description software with advanced AI helps HR departments identify the right job candidate out of the pile of resumes sooner and helps keep them engaged throughout their tenure with the company.

Here’s how it works.

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Better Job Descriptions in Less Time

Companies of all sizes struggle to post complete and accurate job descriptions — smaller businesses or start-ups may require employees to wear different hats, while companies with multiple divisions have complex needs. The better the job descriptions are, the better the candidates who interview for the post, but they take time to create.

Today’s HR software has a database of over 1,200 high-quality job descriptions that revolve around measurable “competencies,” which provides a more holistic and comprehensive basis for hiring than mere “skills.” When your HR department has software that focuses on core competencies vs skills powered by AI, you’ll attract the best candidates for the position.

Lean on the database for ready-made questions, or use the AI generator to create new ones. This type of objective approach gets you better candidates and ensures that hiring practices avoid accidentally perpetuating systemic discrimination.

Better Interview Questions

When a job candidate stands out for their competencies, the interview needs to follow up along the same lines. That’s why the best HR software also provides over 1,000 competency-based interview questions, so there’s continuity between processes. 

Of course, you’re free to ask any question you want! But having an improved and more streamlined process will help HR identify you better.

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Career Trajectories

Because “competencies” are at the core of job performance, they also form the basis of job evaluation moving forward. Focusing on competencies lets companies be transparent about what employees need to do to get promoted, which helps them achieve their business targets while also letting employees map their careers and plan for their future.

Managers need data at their fingertips when explaining to employees what they need to do to reach the next phase of their career, not generalities or anecdotes. Financial matters are sensitive for employees, and feeling like there is a solid method behind career advancement helps them feel loyal and engaged.

From a business perspective, such a quantified approach enables companies to manage personnel and marshal resources effectively when businesses need to run efficiently.

Canadian cities are beginning to see the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, which will greatly help life return to normal. Now and in the months to come, it’s crucial for businesses to have the right people pull together and have structural alignment throughout the company. Job description software with advanced AI makes it possible.


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