Americans Ramp Up Their Travel Plans In The Harsh Winter

Given the fact that most of US is reeling under harsh weather and winter storms, it is no wonder that recent statistics as released by AAA has indicated that more Americans are planning a trip overseas, preferably to warmer locations. According to their survey, nearly one in every three Americans has firmed up plans to travel to either other destinations located in the US or overseas in the near future.

According to the National Tourism and Travel office or NTTO, a record number of Americans, about 73 million or so, traveled overseas in 2015. Given the current urge to travel overseas is peaking out in the US, one can expect this number to get breached come summer. While the harsh winter can provide the psychological push to travel to warmer locations, the fact remains that the favorable dollar exchange rate ensures that American travelers get more bang for their buck, when traveling abroad.

Most Americans prefer to travel to destinations such as Punta Cana, Nassau, Thailand, and Rome, while their preferences to domestic locations verge on Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Las Vegas. Given the spurt in demand, any lay traveler can expect most airlines to come out with interesting offers, and some already have by slashing rates by nearly fifty percent. With low fare rates in the offing, the tourism industry is bound to see more business this summer, with the competition getting more intensive between various vendors, from airlines to hotel chains.

As more Americans pack up to travel abroad, expect much more than the usual package deal from various travel companies. And the US government is set to announce new guidelines for overseas travelers once the new president takes over. And as summer comes closer, expect this demand for overseas travel to peak creating a new trend of traveling by American citizens.

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