Antonio Conte’s wish list for Tottenham Hotspur 

Antonio Conte’s wish list for Tottenham Hotspur  1

Antonie Conte is not sitting pretty despite his team showing great improvement in the premier league. He is looking to improve several departments to make the dream of capturing the title real. With the January transfer window fast approaching, he has a wish list and rumors have it that he is raiding the Italian Serie A. He is eyeing players. Let’s explore and see who will be joining the most promising Premier League team this season. 

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Move to Tottenham

Antonio Conte’s arrival at Tottenham Spurs is seen as a coup given the coach’s reputation in European football. He has spent most of his coaching career in Italy where he has won several titles with the big clubs earning him the label of one of the best managers not just in Europe but in the whole world. 


His most recent win was in the last season when Conte took Nerazzuri to the top, a position it had not seen for the last ten years. The Tottenham boss will be returning home, where he will be raiding teams in the hope of building a formidable team that will be a big contender in the premier league this season. So, for those who may be thinking of getting the Tottenham Hotspur FC roster, hold on for a few days to get the whole picture as new players are coming. 


The new Tottenham Hotspur roster will include four more players, most likely from the Italian Serie A. With the new Tottenham Hotspur FC roster, the Tottenham 2022 prospects will be getting better. There is a high likelihood that it will be joining the Chelsea and Liverpool Champions league. 


It will be interesting to see the Tottenham 2022 squad being in the same category as other major teams. So instead of seeing Chelsea vs Liverpool champions League, it could be a Bayern Tottenham match.


Who are the four players that Conte is planning to add to the Tottenham spurs roster? They include:

  • Dusan Vlahovic
  • Stefan de Vrij
  • Milan Skriniar, and
  • Franck Kessie

Dusan Vlahovic

The player who Conte seeks to improve the prospects of challenging a Chelsea vs Liverpool Champions League is Fiorentina’s striker Dusan Vlahovic. The Serbian striker has to his name 21 goals in 40 appearances for his side last season. This year, he is in good form as he has so far scored 15 goals in the last 17 games that he has played during the season.


There are rumors that Manchester City may be renewing their interest in getting Harry Kane, a player who has been very instrumental in Tottenham’s quest to be a top contender in the premier league. By signing Fiorentina’s player, Conte will have become a potential replacement for Harry Kane.


It is not just Conte who is eyeing Dusan, there have been reports that Arsenal is looking for the player. However, the player is not yet convinced, meaning that Conte may make a deal soon. Gunners have a difficult task trying to persuade the 21 years old player since several clubs are eyeing his services come 2022. The player is not just having a hard time deciding his next move, he is torn between leaving a place that gave him a career boost and pursuing clubs that are more vibrant than his current side.


It is not just the fans who are rooting for the player to remain at his current side; the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella was quoted telling the player to stay. Fiorentina is not ready to release the prized asset; they plan to keep him until the expiry of the next season. Analysts have termed the Mayor’s move as strange, terming the action as an indication that feeling around the City of Florence is mutual.

Milan Skriniar and Stefan De Vrij

Tottenham will be competing with Newcastle United to sign Inter Milan Stefan de Vrij. Conte is hoping to get the player and also convince his counterpart Milan Skriniar to follow suit. However, the Italian side says they are only interested in discussing with only one of them.


So, who will it be as Skriniar and Stefan’s contracts are due to expire in June 2023? Inter Milan has been quoted saying that they are planning to discuss the transfer of Skriniar but are also willing to release Stefan this summer. Reports have it that Inter Milan is seeking to release the Dutch defender as a way of lowering their wage bill as well as getting a chance to sign in more players.


Conte’s quest to raid Serie A seems high, as he is not stopping at Inter Milan, he is also moving to AC Milan where he has an eye on Franck Kessie. The AC Milan defender is also being eyed by Manchester United who seem desperate to get a quality defensive midfielder. Reports indicate that it was hard for AC Milan to release the player, they had hoped to keep the 24-year-old but they have now decided to release him upon expiry of his contract with the Serie A side.


Conte will have closed his transfer deal if he gets the four players. He will have managed to build a formidable force as Tottenham’s 2022 vision of topping the premier league gains momentum. As you get transfer analysis, also make sure you visit to arm yourself with information that will allow you to place successful bets in the next half of the premier league season.

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