Australia Permanent Residency Now Costs More

Australia Permanent Residency Now Costs More 1

The latest news from Australia is that the Immigration Department is considering the implementation of provisional visas. The 30-year old Australian immigration system that has served the county well so far. However, the Australian government is looking to overhaul the system in the wake of uncontrolled immigration.

Australia Permanent Residency Now Costs More 2

‘Tolerating the intolerant’ has gone too far, according to a particular demographic in Australia. This issue is being reflected in many western civilizations like US, UK and Canada as well as Europe. The incense is high in some conservative people after some recent events resulted in increased friction among the local and migrant communities. The root of this issue seems to be an increased influx of migrants under the asylum system.

At present, most systems have found themselves inadequate to balance this influx with that of the skilled migrants coming through legitimate means. If the decade long happenings are considered, it almost seems like rehabilitating refugees has taken a toll on other migrant categories which have the potential to contribute towards the host country’s economy.

Keeping this issue in consequence, the Australian government has issued a consultation paper on its website. The paper mentions specifics of the current immigration system and the proposed reforms to be implemented. The government is inviting submissions from the public in contemplation of this proposed policy until 15th September, 2017.

One of the reforms, apart from reducing the current number of visas from 99 to 10, is the introduction of a provisional visa. This means that all immigrants will have to comply with the system, perhaps without exception. The immigrants will have to spend some time on probation to be considered for a permanent residency.

The debate revolves around the economic, social and security interests of Australia as consequences of these reforms. The immigrants will find it undesirable, while the government and the local tax payer will be relieved, it seems.

Most Immigrants from the UK go to Australia

UK nationals make up most of the immigrant population in Australia. Australia receives a lot of immigrants every year and statistics reveal that about 7 million of the total population residing in Australia is overseas immigrants. It is perceived that by the year 2050 one out of every three people living in the country would be immigrants.

Australia is considered to be one of the most developed countries in the world at present. This factor encourages a lot of immigrants to choose Australia for migrating to. It offers some of the best of educational standards and also has quite a few top notch educational institutions in the country. It has a very high standard of living and health care is optimum. People from both developed and underdeveloped countries find it easier to move to Australia as it gives them the leverage of English being the native language.

According to statistics, UK is the highest on the list of population percentages in Australia. It is followed by New Zealand, China, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Italy, South Africa, Malaysia, and Germany in their respective order. This report is as per the statistics of the Australia Bureau of Statistics.

Australia and Canada are the most sought after destinations for immigration, according to the Insider Monkey. The advantages of settling in Australia are easy access to countries like New Zealand and finding more opportunities. People residing in Australia receive high quality healthcare and public education for a minimum charge or no fee at all.

Australia is one of the major countries of the world and it has not faced recession in the last 25 years. Its strong economy allows people to find well-paid jobs in the IT sector, engineering healthcare and construction.  It’s also why Australia has a robust casino market.

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development stated that Australia houses one the highest population of foreign residents.

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