International Monetary Fund Report 2018 Immigration Makes People Richer

An International Monetary Fund Report 2018 States That Immigration Benefits Everyone A recent study has shown that immigration into wealthy countries actually makes everyone richer. According to the International Monetary Fund report 2018, if people are trading within the same economy then that has been shown to have economic benefits for everyone, from the customer to the entrepreneur […]

Immigration to UK 2015: High Rate Of Residency Permits

Immigration To UK 2015 Due To High Rate Of Giving Residency Permits   Immigration to UK 2015 was the highest due to the United Kingdom issuing more permanent residency permits than any other country within the European Union. A report by the EU’s statistical information gatherer; Eurostat found that 633,017 people from outside the European Union […]

Center For Immigration Studies,USA Welcomed 1.6 Million Immigrants in 2015

Center For Immigration Studies Show That America had Over a Million Immigrants in 2015   The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) in America in combination with data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey found that around 1.6 million migrants from overseas arrived in the USA last year. Centre for Immigration Studies counting is for both […]