Benefits Of Immigration In America: Will Immigration Save America?

Benefits Of Immigration In America: Will Immigration Save America? 1

New Report Shows Benefits Of Immigration In America

benefits of immigration in america


A new report by The Conference Board who are a not for profit global research association has confirmed what many American economists have been predicting, namely that the encroaching labor shortage and aging population will be avoided by encouraging immigration. There is set to be a massive shortage of labor in skilled trades, healthcare, and statistical and mathematical jobs. The benefits of immigration in America is that as the American population ages, there will be a high demand for nurses, doctors, and other health care workers which can be met by allowing for increased skilled

The makeup of immigrants has changed over the past ten years, from largely unskilled Mexican immigrants to Asian immigrants, predominantly from India and China who have a higher education than the previous wave of immigrants which increases the benefits of immigration in America.

The way that immigration policy is at the moment is not conducive for illegal immigrants to upskill themselves for fear of being deported. If these immigrants were given legal status then they would be far more likely to seek a higher education and job training, therefore, increasing the benefits of immigration in America.

Reasons Why Benefits Of Immigration In America Should Be Taken Into Account

Immigration is not a decision that is made overnight; it can be an expensive process relocating to another country and immigrants can face many cultural differences. The fact that an individual has made the decision to move to another country should be celebrated and recognized as the strength of character. If there was more clarity about immigration, then businesses could cherry pick promising candidates for jobs or further training. If US immigration policy changes in line with recognizing that it is necessary for America to keep up with the global economy, then it can be done in a way that allows firms to find suitable candidates for jobs.

So the benefits of immigration in America, according to The Conference Board’s report is to allow skilled workers from abroad into the USA and to take away the barriers for unskilled immigrants to access further education and training for jobs that are in high demand.


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