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Top 7 Calgary Movers – Find the Best Calgary Moving Companies

Relatively low living costs, fine dining, ethnic diversity, and great nightlife are some of the things that define Calgary, Alberta. Let’s say you want to move from or to this beautiful city for a new beginning.

How to plan your relocation?

Relocating from one place to another requires proper planning, time, and most importantly, “Man Power”. What happens when you don’t have enough time or people to plan out your move? 

Ermm… Dropping the plan I guess? 

No, just kidding. Hiring MOVERS will do your job. How?

Movers or Moving Companies help you organize your move. Proper planning to packing to placing your belongings in your new location, they do all. As you can see, hiring one makes your job a little bit easier.

Today, I’ll be your Know-it-all guy and tell you about the best Calgary Movers. I’ve made a list keeping in mind personal experience, public reviews, reasonability, and quality of service. 

Why do you need to hire a Professional Calgary Mover?

Before jumping into the list of the best movers, you must know why you are hiring one. With me, ask yourself, “Why do I need one?”

Let me answer the question for you.

Understanding what a Mover does is enough to answer the question. Basically, hiring professional movers saves you a lot of time and energy. There are other factors in this matter. Let’s know the factors, shall we?

Complete Stress-free Life

Thinking of relocation might give you a lot of stress. Just imagine how much stress you are gonna face all the way through. If you’re not hiring a professional, you will have to do everything by yourself.

But if you do, your movers will do everything for you. As a result, you can leave every stress out of yourself. You’re not under any stress and you can focus on other important things in life. Simple! Hiring a professional mover means zero stress from planning till moving day.

Your Belongings will be Better Protected

When you move by yourself, you’ll surely damage some of your belongings. Mainly heavy items like piano, home appliance, and big furniture live on the danger side of a move.

Hiring a mover will save your items from the “one-headed” monster…….you. Professionals generally contain a huge amount of experience. As a result, they know how to deal with heavy and fragile items. They use good quality moving boxes or cardboard boxes. No matter how many boxes they will move, your box never get damage. This way your belongings will be better protected. In short, hiring professional movers gives you an invisible insurance for your items.

Keep a good track of your items

Professional movers are organized in every way. This lets you not live in the fear of losing valuable items. They use different labeling and packing procedures to ensure your items are in the right place.

On the other hand, if you conduct your move by yourself, there will be too much hassle. And it is highly likely that you will forget one or two items in your previous place. To keep your valuables in the right place, you must hire professional movers.

You’re not annoying anyone

Moving all the items in your house/office is impossible. You must need assistance. And only the closest people can come to your rescue. So, friends and family are your sole options. 

Let’s be honest here. It is hard to make somebody interested in their own move, let alone others. For this reason, you will have to pressurize your close friends and family into your move.

It is not ideal, is it? If you hire a professional, you’re not annoying anyone. The movers will be enough to relocate your products.

Now, let’s see the list of the best Calgary Movers that you’ve been waiting for all along the article. Shall we!?

Top 7 Calgary Movers – My Picks

I made this list of the best Canadian moving companies based on my personal experience and comprehensive research. You might not agree with me on some of the names, but that’s alright. Everybody has their own opinion. Anyway, let me know what you think about the list.

1. Calgary Movers Pro


ADDRESS 330, 5th avenue SW, Suite 1800, Calgary, AB  T2P  0L4
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (587) 741-9000


OPERATING HOURS Monday to Sunday: 7:00am – 8:00pm


Back in 1994, Calgary Movers Pro started their journey with just a delivery van. But now, they’re one of the best Calgary movers with a big fleet of 20 moving trucks. (available in different sizes)

The Calgary based company offers different moving services according to your needs. From local move to long distance, from residential to commercial, they won’t disappoint you. They also provide piano and appliance moves services. Along with that, they are the best long-haul movers.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper and understand why they’re one of the best Calgary movers.

Calgary Movers Pro trains its employees before putting them onto the field. As a result, the employees are trained with utter professionalism… at least most of their internet reviews suggest so.

With zero hidden fees, zero travel time fees, zero petrol cost, they are one of the most reasonable moving companies in the area. They even let you hire their movers for a minimum of 2 hours. And the 30 minutes increment is nothing but appreciable.

Another great thing about the company, they have phone consultancy for the customers. If you have any questions regarding your move, you can call them to clarify. This way, you won’t be spending unnecessary cash on your move. 

More than 20 moving trucks and more than 60 employees ensure they are capable of completing any kind of move. If you’re moving from or to Calgary, Calgary Movers Pro is always a great choice. Check their locations and google reviews

2. Premiere Van Lines

Premiere Van Lines is one of the most diversified moving companies in Canada. They have over 500 employees all over Canada to ensure you get the best ever service. 

Not just all across Canada, the moving company can take your belongings to the USA or any other place on the globe. As an atlas agent, they provide the top most qualitiful moving services and become the best long distance moving company among all the long distance moving companies.

Local or Long-distance, Commercial or Residential, Premiere Van Lines provide all kinds of moving service. Doesn’t matter if you want to move your items next block or the other side of the town or the other part of the country, they got you covered.

The moving company also offers packing services. With them you can chill out as much as you can. Because you don’t have to go through the hassle of packing your items anymore.

Storage offering is their best offer for me. There were several times when I moved out and I needed a place to store my belongings for a few days. 

So, I had to find a different company with storage options. I felt it was a big hassle to be very honest. 

Companies like Van lines, provide their own storage service. As a result, if needed, you can store your belongings for a few days, weeks, months, even years.

3. Amazing Grace Movers Inc.

Amazing Grace Movers Inc. is another moving company in the list where you can completely rely on. Great service, smooth transition, zero hidden cost are some of the things that led this company in my list.

Some companies are out there who provide a different estimation from the last bill. I completely hate this part. I always want to hire someone with hundred percent transparency. Who doesn’t want it, eh!?

Grace Movers have different branches all over Canada. As a result, conducting long distance moves onto several areas are easy and smooth.

In terms of service, they are one of the best in Calgary, Alberta. But, how about reasonability? I don’t think so.

The Calgary Movers charge $125 per hour for two men. It would be better if you compare the pricing with other movers. Calgary Movers Pro charges $89 per hour for two men.

So, Grace’s pricing can be anything but reasonable. However, the bright side is that they don’t charge for travel time and no hidden fees. This helps you to cut down some slack.

They are open seven days a week, 365 days a year. Despite extra cost if you want the best service, you can always look up to Amazing Grace Movers Inc. for your move.

4. Simply the Best Movers

Simply the Best Movers is a Calgary based local moving company. The company started their journey back in 2013 with the vision to be the top moving company in Calgary.

Offering only $100 per hour for two men and a truck is a competitive pricing (though Calgary Movers Pro still beats this one by a big margin). 

The company is also capable of long distance moves. The best thing is that they can move in-a-day within 500 KMs. And 1000 KMs in two days, which is a great number.

About the quality, it is remarkable. According to a lot of google reviews, they are punctual, professional, and friendly. My research also backs up this part. Hence, it is highly likely that you won’t be disappointed with the service.

Simple the Best Movers may be a relatively new company but they offer a wide range of services. Let it be a house relocation or a commercial place, they do all. They also offer heavy items like piano moves and appliance moves.

This shows the quality and confidence of the company. Because it is hard for a rookie to pull off such delicate moves. If you’re looking for a well-trained Calgary moving company, Simply the Best Moves will be a great choice.

5. Super Duper Movers Inc.

Super Duper Movers Inc. is a Calgary based professional moving company. As the name suggests, they really provide a super duper moving experience. This is why it belongs to my list of best Calgary Movers.

Like other moving companies in our list, they also offer a wide range of services. This includes residential, commercial, office moves. Not just moving, they also incorporated themselves into other services like delivery service, packing service, storage service, and so on.

They also offer packing and unpacking services. If you don’t have enough time in your hand to pack and unpack your items, you won’t have to worry.

Another good aspect about their services is the rental option. Suppose, you don’t want to buy moving supplies but you need those right now. You can totally rent those items from super dupers. This way, you can be a little bit more reasonable.

One thing I really like about the company is their “Go Green Option”. With this option you can select environment-friendly and reusable items. 

For instance, their ecobox is a reusable moving crate. If you’re using this one, you won’t make any waste. Hence, the environment stays clean.

They have three Go Green Options: Super Duper Packer, Plastic Wardrobe Boxes, and Ecobox. All three items are rentable and buyable. 

In short, Super Duper Movers Inc. serves a lot of different and friendly services. They have the perfect facility to provide you with a great moving experience.

6. Red Mile Moving & Transportation Inc.

Red Mile Moving & Transportation Inc is one of the best moving companies in all western Canada. Established in 2005, they made a huge fame across all over Canada with their exceptional quality of service.

Like all the big players in the moving industry, they made their name with a complete series of great effort and service.  From residential to commercial, they have the capability of providing any kind of logistical help to complete your move.

Apart from regular moving services, they specialize in niche transportation services as well. This includes piano moving, hot tub moving, and so on.

This is not all. Red Mile also offers both packing and packing supplies service. A little less worries for busy people like you, isn’t it?

Now, let’s talk about their quality of service. According to hundreds of internet reviews and personal experience, Red Mile does not disappoint their customers. With professional crew and fastest (but safest) truck drivers, they know how to do business. 

 There is no clear instruction on their website about the cost. But I can assure you that they are anything but expensive. If you want a Calgary mover with utmost quality, Red Mile Moving & Transportation Inc will be more than perfect for you.

7. Two Men and a Truck

As we approached the last movers in our list, I would like to introduce you with Two Men and a Truck. One of the best Calgary Movers if not the best one. Professional employees, fleet of powerful trucks, great operational skill, are some of the best things that relate to the company.

Two Men and a Truck started their quest of being the best moving company back in the 1980s. Basically, two brothers started the company with a truck. Now, it has grown into a big corporation with 350 locations all over the world.

From residential to commercial, local to long distance, they provide all. Just a call on their hotline is enough to give you a tailor-made estimation for your move.

They have the best storage service in all of Calgary, Alberta. With both portable and warehouse storage service, you can easily store your items from almost anywhere.

Nifty services like Packing supplies, packing services, delivery, furniture rearrangementyou name it, they do all.

The best part of their diversified services is that they provide cleaning services as well. This way you can both keep your present and old place clean all the way through.

Phew, you’ve done it. These are the top 7 Calgary Movers according to my previous experience and other customer’s experience. Let me know which one you’ve selected for yourself. Thanks for reading my picks by the way.

How to find the best Calgary movers for you!

For a moment, suppose you don’t like my listing. And now you want to find the best Calgary movers according to your own research. How’d you do it?

Let me answer that question for you…..!

Before the listing, I did my own research. After my research, I had like more than 20 companies in my list. So, before trimming it down to the best 7 companies I needed to consider some factors.

Today I am going to share those factors with you so that you can select the best movers for you. I am not claiming these factors to be must-met. But if you want to find the best Calgary mover for you, you should look up to it.

Ask yourself, “Why do you need a mover?”

It is important to know why you’re hiring movers for yourself in the first place. When you know exactly why you need one, things will be easier for you. 

For example, you’re a working man who is looking for a local mover to relocate your residence. In this case, you must find a company with packing and cleaning services. Because, your work won’t let you pack your items by yourself in the quickest possible time.

On the other hand, if you’re a student and you’re planning for a move. You must always go for the cost-effective solution.

In short, knowing what you want is the first step to find the best mover for yourself.

Experience Matters

I don’t know about anyone but for me experience matters. You see, if a company is constantly surviving the industry for 10/20/30 years, it is simply because a lot of people are liking their service.

10 years in the industry is enough to train a monkey to ride a bike. For this reason, I believe in moving companies with a good amount of experience. They have a better possibility of completing your move perfectly.

Look for the Reasonable Solution

Reasonability should be a big factor while choosing a moving company for yourself. Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you to go for the cheapest option. All I am saying is to go for the most reasonable option.

There are too many moving companies in big cities like Calgary. So, you’ll have a lot of different options. Some companies charge more for some no reason at all. Avoid those companies. My suggestion would always be for you to choose a company with zero hidden fees. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews is one of the most important factors to consider in finding the  best mover. You need to know what people are saying about a company before hiring them.

Yes, it is the 2020s and people can buy fake reviews. But you can always recognize fake and real reviews. So, my suggestion would be to look at the reviews before hiring the company of your choice.

By following the above points, I hope you will be able to find the best Calgary mover for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay for a Calgary Mover?

Answer: It depends. To be honest, it is not possible to give an exact number for a move. Normally, you need to pay between $80 to $125 for two men and a truck in Calgary. But the numbers can go up and down depending on the kind of your move.

Will my movers help me pack?

Answer: Yes, they will. There are some moving companies who offer packing services as well. With some extra money, you can ask your movers to help you pack. Some moving companies offer packing services for free too.

Can I get a moving consultation in Calgary?

Answer: Yes, you can. Companies like Calgary Movers Pro offer free moving consultation for the customers. Most of the big companies in Calgary also give free consultation services.

How to prepare myself before a move?

Answer: There are simple steps to prepare yourself before a move. Label all your boxes, clear the rooms, take a water bottle to yourself, and make yourself a checklist about all of your items. Now, you’re fully prepared for a move.

Can I change or add plans on the moving day?

Answer: Yes, possibly you can. This mainly depends on what kind of movers you’ve selected for your move. If your hired movers are trained professionally, they will be able to add plans on the moving day. 

Wrapping it up

Moving is never an easy job. You will need proper planning and constant effort to complete a relocation. To get out of this hassle, people choose to ask for professional help.

Hiring professional movers is an easy, cost-effective, and time-saving solution. This way, you live a completely stress-free life, and your relocation is dead and buried.

If you are a Calgarian and want a mover for your upcoming move, you can totally look up my above best Mover’s list. I made this list to help you find the best Calgary Mover in Calgary.

I hope this complete article will help you locate the perfect service for your upcoming relocation.

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  1. Such an helpful article though I have gone through a few before this one, but find its quite relatable and insightful. Actually, we should contact professional calgary movers as they are experienced, it was a thoughtful post that saved my day.

  2. This article highlights the advantages of hiring professional movers over managing a move independently. It rightly emphasizes the expertise and experience professionals bring to the table, especially in handling heavy or delicate items. The assurance of better protection for belongings and the invisible insurance that comes with hiring movers is a strong point.

    Additionally, the organizational aspect and the peace of mind associated with professional movers ensuring items are labeled, packed, and placed correctly is a valid consideration. The article also addresses the practical aspect of not burdening friends or family with the physical and emotional demands of a move, highlighting the convenience of relying on professional movers.

    However, it’s important to note that while professional movers offer numerous benefits, their services come with a cost. Affordability might be a significant factor for some individuals considering a DIY move. Also, some people might prefer the personal touch and control that comes with handling the move themselves, despite the challenges.

    Overall, the article effectively underscores the advantages of hiring professionals for a smoother and more organized relocation process, though individual preferences and circumstances will ultimately influence the choice between professional movers and a DIY approach.

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