Best Places in Canada for Your Perfect Weekend Getaway

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Icy Canada TeamOctober 6, 2021
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If you like to travel and get away from reality during the weekend, Canada is one of the destinations where you can find satisfaction and light up your free weekend. This country offers a long list of great places to visit, but we will only mention the three best sites that it has to offer.


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The so-called province of Ontario, located in central-eastern Canada, is the next incredible place to explore. Did you know that the Province of Ontario is currently a center of gaming activities? The casino industry is flourishing here. Most of them got opened back in July this year. Of course, they don’t have the variety of games you can play here on online websites, but brick-and-mortar experience is the next best thing for visiting tourists. It is also fascinating the history of these games, which are supposed to have started thousands of years ago with sticks and costumes established for spiritual and shared goals, which are still expanding worldwide today.

There are other reasons to visit this province apart from the exciting elements – large national parks such as Pukaskwa National Park and large, beautiful lakes such as Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. Nature enthusiasts will be delighted by what this province has to offer – the food is delicious, and pleasant people will undoubtedly attract you to revisit this charming region.


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The first place we will mention is the Port of Vancouver, the densest city in Canada. Surprisingly, this city attracts 40% of its immigrants from China, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom, translating into a diverse community. For all fans of winter idylls and intriguing winter entertainment, the city gets surrounded by majestic mountains such as Seymour and Grouse. The city also has large summer beaches, such as Kitsilano, Spanish, and Jericho Beach, for people who enjoy having fun in the sun.

The city’s two most famous parks, Stanley and Queen Elizabeth Park are undoubtedly the city’s most popular attractions. Stanley Park is high and offers the best view of the city and the mountains. If you enjoy a good meal, this city will have a particular place in your heart. Given the diversity of the population, a wide range of meals can be enjoyed, including the most delicious Italian and Indian specialties. Finally, visitors who want a fantastic photograph will enjoy the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park or the award-winning Anthropology Museum. 


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Finally, the largest city in the Canadian province of Quebec, Montreal, is on our list. Many people call it a “dynamic city” as it has daily festivals like the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, where you can taste a wide range of cuisines, as well as cultural and creative scenes. If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Montreal also has a beautiful park called Parc du Mont-Royal, which is located at the top of the city and offers incredible views. 

However, we should not overlook the impressive architecture of Montreal. The tourist’s first trip is the Old Montreal, recognized for its historical architecture and cobbled alleys, and the Place d’Armes, a beautiful public area surrounded by remarkable structures such as the Basilica Notre Dame. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up and spend your free weekend exploring the many attractions in Canada! You’re going to have a good time.

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