Big Time Gaming Common Slots Features 

Big Time Gaming Common Slots Features  1

Slot design houses have never been busier. In fact, a studio system similar to that of the Hollywood of old has been established within the Bezy slots creating industry. You have your major studios at the top of the tree. These mass produce titles and release them regularly thanks to their wealth.

Then you have the medium sized studios that produce fewer games and finally at the bottom, you have your small independent labels that release new productions from time to time that can surprise and become big hits.

No matter where they are positioned in the food chain, they all have the same aim and this is to produce the next big thing or the next instant classic that will make them huge profits. It is becoming harder and harder to create a slot that stands out from the crowd though and this is because of the sheer number of slots out there. 

Trying to Hit The Big Time 

Many slot game creators develop their own style that makes them instantly recognizable. This is the case with companies such as Eyecon, but this is more due to the lackluster graphics than anything else. Big Time Gaming however, may not yet be a household name in the slots industry, but it is definitely a production company that is on the up. The company itself is collaboration between a team with vast experience within the online gaming industry. Their CEO Nik Robinson has been involved in the industry since 1996 when he created New Tech Media. CTO Huw McLntosh has 18 years of gaming industry experience and the Creative Director Ian Schmidt, has a long relationship with the gaming industry as well. 

Big Time Slots features 

Big Time Gaming is the producer of some much-loved slots that have become classics. Two of their iconic games are Danger High Voltage and Bonanza. They are also famous for creating slots based on the titles of hit songs, again Danger High Voltage is one of these and the other is Lil’ Devil. Their slots have a unique look to them and what is common, is the extravagant bonus rounds that involve free spins and huge multipliers. The High Voltage Free Spins bonus gives you 15 free spins and when the stacked wild appears it can give a multiplier from x11 to x66.   


Big Time Gaming is the brainchild behind the Megaways slots and these slots are why Big Time Gaming has started to be taken seriously within the slots industry. This craze has really taken off and these slots are a huge hit with the public. Megaways basically offer far more potential winning paylines than standard slots and the amount of symbols on the reels differs on every spin too. There is also a horizontal extra reel on the top of the main reels that spins sideways from right to left. 

Final Thoughts 

If more sophisticated graphics are applied to their games, then this will bode well for their   future and help them reach the top of the slots studio system.


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