Blackjack: What are the most popular variations

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Icy Canada TeamApril 5, 2022
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If you are a Blackjack lover, this article surely will interest you. We will cover everything related to this game and explain its variations.

In Blackjack, each player receives two cards and then proceeds to draw them to reach the value of 21. Anyone who exceeds this value automatically loses, including the croupier, so keep the scores below:

  • Ace = 1 or 11 points

  • King, Queen, Jack = 10 points

  • Too many cards = the number itself (2 to 10)

The objective is to reach the famous “twenty-one” before the bank. It can be from 1 to 8 decks in total, increasing the house odds the more decks there are. Make sure you master the blackjack rules explained by experts before you play for real.

Now, let’s discover some of the most famous blackjack variations these days.

The famous company PlayTech and its online blackjack variations

Blackjack Switch

Take advantage of being able to have up to two hands and swap cards between each hand to increase your chances. This is an incredible advantage when faced with the fact that the RTP is an incredible 99.87%.

Blackjack Surrender

With an RTP of 99.65% and 6 decks to be used in up to five hands, Blackjack Surrender is another variation for the game’s fans. PlayTech created this version with multiple hands, but no side bets, for fans of the classic.


A five-card hand, also called a “Pontoon”, is the name of this PlayTech blackjack variation. With no cards showing from the dealer, he or she also wins if they have a Pontoon, collecting all cards and bets.

Progressive Blackjack

Follow the progression and win by winning the number of 4 aces in your hands. But without losing the chances of smaller wins with any number of these cards. You can also choose whether to play single or multiple hands.

Perfect Blackjack

It’s hard to define what a perfect blackjack game would be, while the ideal hand is easy to imagine. This version of PlayTech tries to bring the two together, creating a game with different side bets, such as betting the first two cards or the dealer’s cards as a pair.

Double Attack Blackjack

The Spanish 21 game has different rules, which you need to pay attention to before playing for real money. Double Attack is one of those Spanish blackjack games, in which all cards with a value of 10 are removed, modifying strategies.

Blackjack Peek

The payout for this variation for a lucky hand is 99.42%. It also has 6 decks and the classic 3:2 aspect ratio. Also, the name derives from the fact that the dealer can check the hand for a blackjack if he draws a starting card worth 10.

More PlayTech Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack Pro

You can pass this game by PlayTech if you play 21 like a pro. The same 21 game rule applies here. So, hope your dealer’s card never comes up to 10. Other than that, everything else follows the most basic blackjack rules.

Blackjack UK

The UK has players so avid for blackjack that there is a blackjack game named after their country. There are up to five hands to bet at the median RTP of 99.47%, which is still acceptable. It is possible to customize the table, and re-split hands once, with a maximum of four splits in a single round.

Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender

Each hand of the five possible bets in this blackjack game is placed on a beautiful red table, with the same rules as the Surrender version from the same developer. A good experience, for those who want to play for real with a 3:2 return.

Cashback Blackjack

Play with pairs and guarantee chances to receive more money, as well as other side bets like 21+3, all included in a single PlayTech game. As casino players may remember from French roulette, there is cashback, which returns some of the money wagered.

American Blackjack

In this one, the dealer can look at his other card to see if he has a blackjack, without the other participants already seeing it. Otherwise, nothing is different for those who know how to play 21.


The best developers of online blackjack games

As you can see in our list of variations, there are several blackjack game developers. We could list them all, but we prefer to pick the best ones specifically for this game, besides the famous PlayTech:

  1. Evolution Gaming – master who makes one game better than the other, all live and with dealers serving the table in real-time. It’s the best experience that mimics a real casino.

  2. Yggdrasil – a less common name for other types of games, but specifically for the game of blackjack, it develops virtual experiences with incredible design and good gameplay.

  3. Extreme Gaming – also develops live games, which are favorites for those who really enjoy casino gaming. We recommend testing at least one of its variations.

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