British Columbia Cities: Top 10 Beautiful Cities

British Columbia Cities

By any chance, are you planning to go on a trip or visit British Columbia? Which part of BC attracts you the most? And where do you plan to stay?

Because in today’s post, you will know about the foundation of British Columbia, Canada, British Columbia Cities, and all of the things you can do there.

How many cities are there in British Columbia, and what are they?

There are 53 cities in British Columbia. And below are the cities with the total population as per the year 2016.

  1. Abbotsford – 141,397 (population as per 2016)
  2. Armstrong – 5,114
  3. Burnaby – 232,755
  4. Campbell River – 32,588
  5. Castlegar – 8,039
  6. Chilliwack – 83,788
  7. Colwood – 16,859
  8. Coquitlam – 139,284
  9. Courtenay – 25,599
  10. Cranbrook – 20,047
  11. Dawson Creek – 12,178
  12. Delta – 102,238
  13. Duncan – 4,944
  14. Enderby – 2,964
  15. Fernie – 5,249
  16. Fort St. John – 20,155
  17. Grand Forks – 4,049
  18. Greenwood – 665
  19. Kamloops – 90,280
  20. Kelowna – 127,380
  21. Kimberly – 7,425
  22. Langford – 35,342
  23. Langley – 25,888
  24. Maple Ridge – 82,256
  25. Merritt – 7,139
  26. Mission – 38,833
  27. Nanaimo – 90,504
  28. Nelson – 10,572
  29. New Westminster – 70,996
  30. North Vancouver – 52,898
  31. Parksville – 12,514
  32. Penticton – 33,761
  33. Pitt Meadows – 18,573
  34. Port Alberni – 17,678
  35. Port Coquitlam – 58,612
  36. Port Moody – 33,551
  37. Powell River – 13,157
  38. Prince George – 74,003
  39. Prince Rupert – 12,220
  40. Quesnel – 9,879
  41. Revelstoke – 7,547
  42. Richmond – 198,309
  43. Rossland – 3,729
  44. Salmon Arm – 17,706
  45. Surrey – 517,887
  46. Terrace – 11,643
  47. Trail – 7,709
  48. Vancouver – 631,486
  49. Vernon – 40,116
  50. Victoria – 85,792
  51. West Kelowna – 32,655
  52. White Rock – 19,952
  53. Williams Lake – 10,753

Top 10 beautiful British Columbia Cities

1. Vancouver

Vancouver is the first largest city and is among the world’s beautiful cities and so popular and British Columbia’s highest population city with 631,486 people living. People believe that it is one of the best cities to live in.

This city is known for its appealing nature, friendly people, ancient forests, and rain. It is famous for swimming, surfing, and hiking along the Pacific Ocean.

The beautiful mountains, hundreds of parks, hiking trails, and other fun things are all just 15 minutes drive away from downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver provides the best education in British Columbia and is considered the best place for the real estate market.

Beautiful things to visit in Vancouver:

Vancouver art gallery: Vancouver art gallery is a museum, and the collection is all segregated into smaller sections, Photography and Conceptual Photography, Contemporary art from Asia, and other works by the noblemen of Canada and artists from Vancouver and British Columbia. The museum was built back in 1931, and it is a non-profit museum, maintained by the funds it receives.

Vancouver Island: Vancouver Island is in British Columbia’s province. This island is known for its beautiful geography, from camping and hiking (summer) to surfing (winter). It is all perfectly set with the climate over there.

Vancouver is a city where you can live your life in a slower phase but still can experience all the benefits that one would get living in some major cities. You get a great nightlife, diverse and great restaurants with mouth-watering food, a huge variety of shopping options like shopping malls and retail shops at affordable prices. This is why Vancouver and its island are popular destinations.

2. Surrey

The second-largest city is Surrey with 517,887 local communities, which is a part of Metro Vancouver, and also one of the best cities in the world. Living in Surrey provides many benefits for families and individuals with affordable houses with low rent and other things since it is nearer to Vancouver.

Surrey is one of the fastest-growing cities in British Columbia and Canada. The entire city comprises hilly land areas and flatlands where 35% of the city population depends on agriculture. Surrey is the best place for nature lovers since it has rocky mountains and forests, and also for city lovers since Surrey is home to museums, galleries, shopping centers, and heritage sites.

3. Burnaby

Burnaby city is in the lower mainland region of British Columbia. Burnaby is the third-highest population city with 232,755 local communities and one of the best cities. Burnaby is home to many national and international businesses such as Telus, Ballard, and electronic arts. Burnaby has BC’s largest and Canada’s second-largest commercial mall.

Burnaby is also known for its beautiful surrounding natural environments and diverse culture. It got lots of parks, trails, and mountains. Two famous parks people love to visit are Central Park and Deer lake park.

4. Kelowna

Kelowna is internationally recognized for its award-winning vineyards and wineries. This city is in short called ‘Ktown.’ The word Kelowna came to form the Okanagan word ‘grizzly bear.’ Kelowna is fun to live in and for jobs too. The job market here will always be competitive. One of the places to visit in Kelowna is Okanagan valley, the center for vineyards and winemaking.

Okanagan Valley is a country region marking its location in South-Central British Columbia, and it is known for fruit orchards and wineries. The valley is the top wine-producing region in British Columbia. Besides festivals, wine, and farmer markets, other activities include cycling and boating in Okanagan lake.

The first snowfall of winters in the valley shows up in November but can arrive as soon as October. The Styilx, also called the Okanagan people were the first nations whose tradition span across the US and Canada, and they are located in the Washington state and British Columbia.

5. Penticton

Penticton is a fun city to live in, and it has everything for a successful, fun vacation. You can enjoy cycling, hiking, and skiing during winter.

Penticton is famous for lakes, golden beaches, mountains, wineries since this is a city in Okanagan Valley, and all of these beautiful sceneries demand you not to leave the place.

This is one of the driest cities in Canada. The climatic condition here is very favorable to sustain a life in any season, unlike in eastern Canada. Every fruit and vegetable here is organic; people in Okanagan cultivate them.

6. Whistler

Whistler is a year-round worldwide tourist destination. Although it may seem like a small town, it has all the features and amenities of a city. Whistler is famous for skiing, and this mini-city also hosted the 2010 winter Olympics. This tiny city has something for everyone.

Even if you aren’t a skier, take a ride to the top of the mountain and trip across peak2peak gondola to capture some of the fantastic views of the city. Things to do out of this mini-city include various stuff such as hiking in Garibaldi Provincial Park, golfing, snowmobiling, and mountain biking.

7. Nanaimo

Nanaimo is also called Harbour city and Hub City in two different ways. Nanaimo is a small city and acts as a gateway city for Vancouver island ferry terminal for ships coming from various places.

This city has a lot of water bodies with extensive docks, and this is where whale watching tourists depart along with seaplanes. Downtown Nanaimo is filled with restaurants that serve delicious local food indoors and outdoors. Cool shops sell various things from basic to advanced to make it even more enjoyable.

Must-watch places in Nanaimo are the Nanaimo Museum and Bastion or the Vancouver Island Military Museum to know more about the city’s history.

8. Squamish

Surrounded by the massive granite monolith, on the northern tip of Howe Sound, is the small town Squamish.

Some favorite things to do here are Hike the Stawamus Chief, this is entirely a granite Mountain, and you can experience the fresh air of the city on top of this, explore the lakes at Alice lake provincial park, watch kiteboarders, this is such a daring activity only done by a brave people, go rafting, Kayak in Howe sound.

Besides, enjoy different dishes and shopping.

9. Nelson

British Columbia Cities: Top 10 Beautiful Cities 9

By: TracyLeigh/Flickr

This is a small city located in the Selkirk Mountains on the west side of Kootenay Lake. This city is home to 19th-century buildings, while some are restored very beautifully. Restaurants here serve many delicious foods ranging from vegan to more traditional, and the other shops sell all kinds of stuff a person would want.

Mountain Biking is quite a popular sport in Nelson. Since this city is on the side of the mountain, go on a Pulpit Rock Hike and do not forget to ski, the entire city will be under snow during winters as it is in the northern point.

Enjoy Ainsworth hot springs; this is a historic village in BC which is an hour drive away from Nelson, most people come here on day trips, and if you want to stay here more than a day, you can live in resorts. And during sunny days, also pay a visit to Kokanee Provincial Park; this is a fantastic place to enjoy the evening sun on a hike.

10. Kamloops

Kamloops is located where the North and South Thompson rivers meet. Kamloops is known as the tournament capital of Canada because Kamloops hosts tens of tournaments every year. And in the year 2016, Kamloops was designated as the first Canadian bee city.

This city too has the same traits just like the other cities like hiking, skiing, except for a few things that no other city has, you can enjoy fishing in Kamloops style, there are a few states which restrict this, but you do not have to worry about it here.

Visit KAG (Kamloops Art Gallery), and book lovers, keep your spirit up, as KAG provides contemporary and historical works purely to educate and inspire people. Hop the Steam Train at Kamloops Heritage Railway.

Are you sick of today’s trains? Then this is the place you should list in your bucket list, and this steam train is actually from the 20th century, which means you will get a ride in an old-fashioned way.

Well, most cities share the same type of tourist activities as the entire British Columbia is a hilly area, but all of them are different in their ways.

FAQ’s about British Columbia

What is British Columbia famous for?

British Columbia has a huge history and is one of the best places with a beautiful capital, Victoria with 5.2M locals located between the pacific ocean and the rocky mountains. British Columbia is an industrial area known for its beautiful culture, nature such as lakes, islands, rain forests, attractive towns, parks, world-class snow skiing, picturesque cities, beautiful stretches of coastline, which make it one of the popular destinations in Canada.

There is much to discover in British Columbia, and one such place is Nelson, a small town in the western (Canada) side of British Columbia. As per the geographical map, this place is an architectural landmark; one thing to recognize is how great the construction ideas were.

The weather all over BC is always favorable to people such as summer doesn’t burn you up, and winter will not freeze you, there will be rain often, and restaurants in certain places offer such delicious food and the sea coast in the evenings makes a whole difference entirely compared to other places.

Every February is a festive season for Columbians, and they celebrate many events. One such event is family day, it is a government holiday, and this event is celebrated on the 15th of every February every year. While you are in British Columbia, you get unlimited access to freedom, so do a quick web search to use that facility.

Most visitors begin their journey with Vancouver, making a great starting point for touring the beautiful province. A short flight from Vancouver can take you to Vancouver Island and the province capital Victoria.

Located within a short drive of about 2 hours is the dream skiing destination Whistler.

So, enjoy your trip.

Why is British Columbia necessary to Canada?

Since every state has its significance, British Columbia produces a lot of energy in electric power, coal, natural gas, and petroleum.

British Columbia is one of the largest natural gas producers in the entire country, and hydroelectricity is the province’s largest source of electric power generation.

Why is it called British Columbia?

I know it might have confused you when you heard this name for the very first time. I did confuse me too. But here is a brief introduction on how and why this state got its name.

The southern part of the area is now known as British Columbia, and it was once just called Columbia and later on, to avoid confusion between the state and the country in South America (Colombia), queen Victoria named the area British Columbia in the year 1858 when it became a colony.

What are some of the unique things about British Columbia?

British Columbia is a huge state, which is three times equal to the size of Great Britain, But what are the real unique things about BC compared with the other states?

British Columbia has three UNESCO (United Nations, Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) world heritage sites, namely.

  1. Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
  2. Glacier Bay
  3. SGang Gwaay

And also, British Columbia is one of the top 3 regions in producing cranberries and blueberries worldwide. BC is also famous for its mild climatic conditions, making it a beautiful travel destination for thousands of people every year.

Is British Columbia an excellent place to live?

Apart from fantastic career options, there are many places and heritage sites you can explore and should explore to enjoy. British Columbia provides a good healthcare system and maintains a very low crime rate, making BC a favorable place for families and individuals.

I would say that it is one of the top best places to live in Canada.

What it’s like to live in British Columbia?

I’ve always heard that foreign people are always good at receiving people, which also happens here. Like the rest of Canada, people here in British Columbia are friendly and welcoming.

Is the education system good in British Columbia?

British Columbia has the highest literacy score among the other states and ranks the second-highest in science and math in entire Canada.

BC education system leads to countries achievement providing the best education with low fee and being a successful example for other states to follow.

Is British Columbia expensive to live in?

Yes, British Columbia is the most expensive place to live in. However, you would still need $5000-$6000 to meet your monthly expenses. For instance, a single-bedroom apartment in Toronto would cost you $1708, whereas, in Vancouver, the same apartment would cost around $1869.

Overall, British Columbia is a great place to live in and the greatest place if you go to BC. Try to visit all the places mentioned here.

So, this is all we have for you in British Columbia. I hope you saw a different version of the British Columbia cities through this article.

And I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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