Building Your Online Presence the Right Way: Why You Need Help From an Expert

Building Your Online Presence the Right Way: Why You Need Help From an Expert 1

You’re about to launch your first online business. That means making sure that the presence you create will resonate with the intended audience. That’s not likely to happen unless you put some time and effort into the enterprise. Things will be a lot simpler if you have help from a professional who can walk you through a basic SEO checklist and help you set things up properly the first time.

Here are some examples of what a professional can do for you. 


Starting With Your Website

There’s a lot that must be considered for your website. The URL you use must be easy for people to remember while still being relevant to your business. Any URLs that you buy to redirect to the main one must also be related to the business. You’ll also want to spend time on the meta descriptions for each page so that the search engine crawlers will find and rank them favorably. 


You do need informative content, up-to-date, and helpful for all readers who come your way. That goes for images as well as text. If it doesn’t add value to the page, it’s not worth including. 


You also want to make sure the pages load quickly on any device. With so many people conducting searches on smartphones and other handheld devices, the last thing you need are pages that take forever to finish loading. Unless your goal is to put people off, get help to ensure they will load quickly on any device. 


Creating a Blog


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Next to your website, a blog will be one of the most effective ways to build trust and a reputation online. Quality posts that provide information people can use are the way to go. You also want to ensure that those posts include keywords that will help search engines find and index them easily. It’s also helpful to have links that interested parties can click on and be redirected to your website pages. 


Making the Most of Social Networks

Social media continues to evolve, but it isn’t going anywhere soon. A professional can help you identify which sites are most likely to be used by the targeted consumer audience you have in mind. From there, it’s a matter of setting up accounts, establishing pages, and building an audience through followers, likes, or whatever other method the social media site allows. As with blogs, you can include links back to pages on your website or even post posts to promote new blog articles you just published. This is also a good way to advertise sales or specials among your followers. 


And Using Video to the Best Effect


Video is also a key element you can use across the board. You can embed videos on website pages, your blog posts, and even posts on your social media accounts. Don’t overlook setting up a channel on one or more popular video sites and contributing regularly. Doing so will allow you to inform and entertain potential clients at the same time. 


Contact a professional like Olga Gladkaya, Toronto SEO manager, and arrange for a consultation if you’re ready to get started. When you see what can be done and how quickly everything can be put in place, it will be easy to see how the time and money are worth it. 


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