Can You Bring Your Spouse When You Are Studying in a Foreign Country?

Can You Bring Your Spouse When You Are Studying in a Foreign Country? 1

Many Indians take a few years of experience at home and then continue their studies. Some of them wish to study out of India. It becomes quite an issue when they are married and have to take the spouse with them too. This visa is called the dependent visa and differs from country to country.


Here are different rules countries have in regards of a dependent visa of student visa:

1. Canada

Canada has very easy rules pertaining to a dependent visa. The North American country issues dependent visa to both married partners and common-law partners. The visa lets you work full-time and study at any university full-time or part-time.

2. The US

The US government only issues dependent visas to married couples. You need to provide a lot of financial statements stating that you will be able to fully support your spouse in the US. In case you have children, you need to provide even more statements. The US has three dependent visas – J2, H4, and F2. Check which suits you the best.

3. Australia

Australia grants a dependent visa if you are in a relationship more than one year with the international student. If you have to bring children, they need to be below 18 years of age. Your partner can work freely and also join the university.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand has flexible rules regarding the dependent visa. You and your partner need to be in at least a 12-month long relationship, married or not. Your partner can work full-time and also study.

5. The UK

The UK also allows your partner to come on a dependent visa. However, the rules are a little difficult. You and your partner have to be in a relationship for more than two years. They can work part-time i.e., for 20 hours and also study.


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