Can You Get Good Essays From Online Essay Writing Services?


Have you ever needed an essay but just did not have the time to write it? Many people need essays every day. Mostly these essays are for classes or degrees, but they can also be work-related. The problem might not even be a lack of time. You may need an essay, but writing is not your forte.

A quick search in your favorite search engine will show you that help is available. There are numerous services on the internet which specialize in writing essays. The price of this kind of service may vary wildly from one company to the next, and so does the quality.

There are several factors you should consider when looking for an essay writing service online. Price is one of these. Other considerations include things like lead time and punctual delivery, quality spelling and grammar checks, and plagiarism checks.

So what should you look for when you decide to use an online essay writing service?

  • Do not be afraid to spend some money. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Some of these services offer cheaper options by cutting corners on your essay. They may skip spelling and grammar corrections, or even sell the same essay to multiple customers.

    The range in pricing is pretty wide. Some places charge as little as $6 per page, while others may ask for as much as $35. The price can go even higher than this! It depends on several factors including academic level, deadline, and how much research the provider might need to do.
  • Check that they can make the essay look like you wrote it. Everyone has their natural writing style. Style matching can be one of the most important considerations, and one of the most difficult to fulfill.

    If you use an essay writing service and the work does not match what you have done in the past, you might run into problems. It is difficult to know if an instructor or professor will read anything deeply enough to notice the style does not match you, so do not risk it.
  • Make sure they have good customer service that is easy to reach. Problems can come up at any time. Assignments can change in scope, or deadlines and due dates shift. You need to be able to talk with the company providing the essay when this happens to avoid future complications.

    You always go into a deal hoping that customer service will not matter, but more often than not people have some concerns. Even a small concern can be stressful, and that stress is made worse when you can’t get it resolved.
  • Be sure to fully understand the service’s revision policy in case you need it. Some places will charge a slightly higher rate but offer free revisions. This is usually worth it so that you don’t have to pay for the essay twice.

    It is also important to know how long the company expects you to wait for any revisions that become necessary. Find out if they will honor the original deadline even for revisions or if an extension is simply the expectation.
  • Take a close look at their guarantees. They should guarantee on-time delivery, as well as the use of current sources of information. Also, make sure they guarantee that they will not reuse your essay and that they will keep your using their services confidential.

    While researching their guarantees, try to find out how often they have had to honor them. Guarantees are a great way to judge the value of a service, but if they rely heavily on the guarantee to promote customer service, they may prove inadequate anyway.
  • Make sure the writer they assign you will be an expert on the topic. Some topics may not require an expert, but this is always preferable. The writer should have a Master’s degree or a Doctorate in a field related to your essay directly.

    It is entirely possible to find a writer with enough experience on a given topic to qualify as an expert. There are many of these in the field of essay writing. Even so, reliance on experience is not something that you can judge. You don’t need to when the writer has a degree.
  • If you use a cheap service, be sure the company is willing to provide you with a plagiarism report, which should be included with their guarantee. Even if you do not use a cheap service this report is a good idea. It is better to be safe than sorry when your education is on the line.

    In any case, it might also be wise to look into a third-party service to verify the work is original. When the essay is being reviewed for the grade, a simple internet search might show the instructor that pieces of it are copied and pasted right from websites.


According to US Magazine, if all of these criteria are satisfied, you can be confident that the essay writing service will provide you with high quality and original essay. It is always best to practice due diligence and thoroughly vet every company you consider for this kind of work.

When you find one that suits your needs, make sure it meets the criteria and is within your price range. Then, do not hesitate to contact them directly with any questions you have not been able to answer on your own.

Keep in mind they are selling a service, and for that, they will always put their best foot forward. All of these places, however, are relying on the reviews of past customers when it comes to credibility. The best of them will always treat you as though you are their next customer review.

Armed with this, the next time you need an essay and do not have the time to complete it yourself, you can be confident that it is possible to find a good, quality essay from one of the available online services. 


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