Canada Immigration System Points: It’s Time for a Change

Canada Immigration System Points: It's Time for a Change 1

Did you know that the Canada Immigration System Points is Changing to Attract More Skilled Foreign Workers?

Canada has become famous for constantly updating its immigration policies to keep up with its demand for foreign workers. They also look at current statistics and make pans for the future. The Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, John McCallum has stated that the Government in Canada will make more changes this year to attract more workers from overseas.

canada immigration system points

Canada Immigration System Points Change for Families

The Family Immigration Class until now has been very slow to process but this is set to change in a move calculated to attract foreign workers to Canada who want to bring their spouse with them. There are also changes planned for the Tourist Visa and for the Skilled Class Work Visa. Foreign students too will benefit from the changes, as the process by which students from abroad can become permanent residents will be streamlined.

The Canadian Government is in addition, planning to make improvements to visitors’ visa requirements as currently there are issues holding this up, particularly in India. It is hoped that these improvements will make it easier for foreign workers to gain employment in Canada and for tourists to visit to see family or friends or to holiday in Canada.

Canada Immigration Process Becomes Easier

In addition, if the visa process for short term visitors is speeded up then this will allow people to travel to Canada at short notice for business meetings, conferences as well as family events such as weddings, funerals or university graduation ceremonies. Canada is actively seeking to recruit both low skilled and highly skilled workers from around the world for a vast range of jobs and the new Canada immigration system points are a work in that direction. The country is also becoming popular as a destination for students due to its highly ranked universities and cities as well as its stunning landscape.

People interested in working in Canada from overseas can apply nationally for jobs or can apply for jobs in specific states. Are you thinking to apply too, given the new changes in the Canada immigration system points? Let us know below.

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