Canada Receives Its Highest Number of Students in 2017

Canada has seen one of the highest numbers of overseas immigration students in the country in 2017. Some of the biggest universities have received a large number of international students on their campuses.

Canada Receives Its Highest Number of Students in 2017 1

Canada has been witnessing overseas migration into its country for a few decades now. The growth percentage has, however, significantly increased since the US elected Donald Trump as their President. This rising overseas population is also a hassle for the Canadian government. They are trying their best to filter mostly highly skilled workers for permanent residency in the country.

Overseas Immigration in Canada

Between the years 2007 and 2017, the University of Toronto had students enrolling for undergraduate and graduate programs. In fact, there has been a significant rise of 10% of its total student strength. It is now 20% of the total student strength.

The likes of the US and UK have changed the course of things at the moment due to their political scenario. Canada is now more attractive and safer to be in than many other countries. Richard Levin, the executive director of enrollment services and registrar, University of Toronto, has an insight. He said that the goal was to keep up with the percentage of international students and to make sure that they were from different parts of the world.

The countries that mostly show interest in Canada are the US, India, France, and a few other countries, with Turkey recently increasing interest in the country. The number of overseas students has been steadily on the rise in Canada.

The Canadian Bureau for international education shows the sharp rise in the foreign student population in elementary and high school categories too in the country.

The University of British Columbia, which has the third-highest international students in North America, saw 14,433 overseas students, an increase from 9,144 in 2012.

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