Canada To Relax Rules For Permanent Residents To Obtain Citizenship

Canada To Relax Rules For Permanent Residents To Obtain Citizenship 1

Canada is in the news again. But this time, it is good news. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen declared on Wednesday that permanent residents will face relaxed rules for obtaining a citizenship in Canada. The new rules are to take effect on October 11.

The new rules reduce the amount of time needed to apply for citizenship to three for PR holders. Those who are older than 55 years will be exempt from language requirements. Furthermore, they will not have to perform in the knowledge test for obtaining citizenship.

This is a direct consequence of the Liberal Government’s efforts to introduce C-6 Bill. It contradicts the stance taken by the previous conservative government’s efforts to make obtaining Canadian citizenship harder to obtain. This is good news to many aspirants who have been holding out on applying in times of uncertainty.

Consequently, applications for citizenship are going to increase as opposed to the stark decline during Harper government. Under those regulations, permanent residents would wait for four years to apply for citizenship out of a total of six years. Also, individuals with a lower limit of 14 years and a higher limit of 64 years of age had to take the knowledge test compulsorily.

Making Canada great again

This measure, combined with the startup visa initiative and relaxed visa application procedures are making Canada a great place to be in. This is especially true for skilled workers and entrepreneurs who can get a permanent residence and citizenship within a couple of years. Forget the long, gruelling and costly wait of 20 years in the US on H-1B visa. Canada is a fantastic alternative instead for the skilled workers and entrepreneurs to look forward to.

The winters are a bit harsh over there, but it should not stop you from settling there. So, when are you making your move to Canada?


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