Canada’s Picks: 6 Favorite Casino Game Themes

Canada's Picks: 6 Favorite Casino Game Themes 1

In terms of sheer variety, there are a greater number of different themes and sources of inspiration behind casino games than almost any other genre of interactive entertainment.

Of course some are more popular than others, and Canadian audiences have their own tastes and trends to follow.

With that in mind, here is a look at the most commonly enjoyed game themes found at a top online casino in Canada.

Ancient Egypt

There is something mysterious, amazing and awe-inspiring about the ancient civilization that existed on the Nile delta around five thousand years ago, and it clearly still grabs the attention of modern audiences, as there are literally hundreds of online slots games that play on this theme.

From a plethora of titles that feature iconic queen Cleopatra, to titles that have a distinctly Indiana Jones-inspired vibe like Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead, there are Ancient Egyptian slots for almost every occasion.


From the sun-baked sands of the North African deserts to the lush tropical jungles of Central and South America, casino games continue to leverage themes pulled from exotic places and their surprising historical artifacts.

Aztec slots are similarly prevalent to their Ancient Egyptian equivalents, but in this case symbols based on sphinxes and scarab beetles are ousted in favor of those featuring stepped temples and Spanish conquistadors.

The Gonzo’s Quest series is one of the biggest proponents of the Aztec theme in online slots, but there are plenty of others to go alongside it, including Yucatan’s Mystery.

Wild West

The rootin’ tootin’ rough and tumble of the Wild West used to be a hugely popular genre in the world of cinema, and while it is less prevalent on the silver screen today, it is very much alive and kicking in the online casino industry.

From Desperados Wild to Black Gold Megaways, a whole heap of slots are themed around the action and adventure that went on back when the USA was still a nation with frontiers and was a far cry from its modern configuration.

Norse Mythology

The mythology of Scandinavian nations has seeped into pop culture in many forms, with the rise of the Marvel cinematic universe introducing global audiences to Thor, Odin and a cast of other characters pulled from this rich cultural heritage.

Norse fables have inspired plenty of slots games as well, including titles such as Hall of the Gods, and while the horned helmets may not be historically accurate, this is irrelevant when players are having so much fun!

Majestic Animals

The natural world is just as much of an inspiration for casino game themes as the achievements of humankind, and if you prefer furry friends to people then there are certainly going to be slots out there for you.

From white wolves, buffalos and bears to lions, tigers and elephants, there are animal themed slots for creatures of every continent. You can also find the odd cheeky monkey or two, waiting to hand out money in some jungle-themed games.

Classic Slots

Slot games have been around for over a century, and there are still a lot of contemporary titles that do not mess around with an especially in-depth theme and instead opt for a retro look and feel that will appeal to long standing fans.

Fruit-based slots, for example, are one of the most classic and continually popular of the bunch. They also offer lots of up to date features and bonuses, so you do not need to make compromises in this respect if you do decide to start playing.

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