Canadian Permanent Residency Cards Requirements

Canadian Permanent Residency Cards Requirements 1

Canadian Permanent Residency Cards Can be Processed Quickly if Requirements are Met

Canadian permanent residency cards

Canada has issued its requirements for the permanent residency cards also known as PR cards. Generally, it takes 63 days to get replacements for this and 41 days to process a new one but this can be speeded up under certain circumstances.

The Canadian permanent residency cards show that the holder is an official resident of Canada, and can be used along with a passport to show that you are a resident when travelling to and from the country.

Factors of using the Canadian Permanent Residency Cards :

If an applicant needs the Canadian permanent residency cards as a matter of urgency then they have to evidence why they need it so quickly. Reasons for fast processing include:

  1. Making a journey on health reasons, either the applicant’s own or family members, this can include ill health or the death of a family member.
  2. To take a work related trip

Applicants for the Canadian permanent residency cards will have to evidence their travel arrangements by giving copies of their tickets and travel arrangements as well as information about why they are travelling such as a letter from your doctor or employer.

Candidates can apply for this fast track processing if they are already living in Canada yet have not sent in a previous application, or if they have already sent in request for one as well as prospective immigrants who are not yet living in Canada and do not have the PR card.

When an applicant hands in their paperwork, it is examined by IRCC staff to ensure that urgent processing requirements are met, and then evaluated before approval is given for the PR card to be issued.

If there are documents missing that are required for a proper evaluation for the Canadian permanent residency cards then the petitioner will be sent a list of what documents are missing so that they can send them in to facilitate fast processing.


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