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Canadian Statistics Of Foreign Workers: Opens In-Demand Occupations

Canadian Statistics Of Foreign Workers: Permanent Residency for Skilled Workers

Canadian statistics of foreign workers

According to the Canadian Statistics Of Foreign Workers, this month the Canadian province Saskatchewan has re-opened its International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand programme, with the aim of attracting 1,200 highly skilled workers who are experienced in any one of 21 occupations that are in high demand in the province. This allows immigrants to apply for permanent residence in Canada, even if they do not have a prior job offer.

The Canadian Statistics Of Foreign Workers has announced that occupations include managerial roles in computer and information systems, facility operation and maintenance, agriculture, social, community and correctional services, property, health information, recreation and sports, statisticians, actuaries and mathematicians, Information systems analysts and consultants, biologists, landscape and horticulture, purchasing agents, civil engineering, drafting technologists and technicians, gas fitters, technical jobs in meteorology and geomatics, mechanical engineering technologists and technicians, aircraft electrical, instrument and avionics technicians and mechanics, appliance repairers and services and heavy-duty equipment mechanics as well as truck and bus mechanics and automotive service technicians. Applicants should, in addition, have language proficiency in English, equivalent to a Canadian Language Benchmark score of 4. As there is expected to be a high demand for this programme, the Canadian Statistics Of Foreign Workers has announced that prospective applicants should seek advice form an immigration specialist as soon as possible before making their application. The intake is generally filled very quickly, and applicants stand the best chance if there are no issues with their application form. Canada is becoming the preferred immigration destination for many skilled foreign workers from around the world, drawn to its liberal outlook on immigration, high standard of living, good education system and high wages. Successful applicants for permanent residency in Canada are able to bring their husband or wife with them as well as any dependent children. Canada is currently in the midst of a huge recruitment drive, to attract the best and brightest from around the world to allow Canada to compete on the global market in many disciplines. Anyone wishing to make the move to this friendly North American country, should seek advice from an immigration consultant at Career Overseas, to ensure that their application has no mistakes that could hinder the process of getting permanent residence in Canada.


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