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Canadians’ Favourite Family Holiday Destinations: Ideas for 2024

When it comes to having an amazing family holiday, Canada is fast becoming the go-to destination for a unique and welcoming experience you simply won’t find anywhere else. Of course, seeing the stunning northern lights is likely to be on your bucket list, but have you considered taking a polar bear tour or even partaking in some winter water sports?

The chances are that you’ll need some guidance on Canadians’ favourite family holiday destinations, and the great news is that Cozycozy has everything you need when simplifying accommodation planning and making the most memorable family getaways that will stay with you forever.

Where to visit in 2024

Explore Coastal Beauty in Vancouver, BC

A Scenic Tour of Vancouver with Vancouver Lookout & Capilano Suspension Bridge
Image by Jeremy Lee Copyright 2022

Vancouver has everything from family-friendly attractions to outdoor adventures, with iconic landmarks and scenic wonders that will capture the hearts of visitors of all ages. On Canada’s west coast, you’ll find the natural oasis of Stanley Park, the Museum of Anthropology, Kitsilano Beach, Science World, and so much more.

Find Historic Charm in Quebec City, QC

richest province in Canada
Photo by rabbit75_dep from Depositphotos

For families who really want to immerse themselves in the rich history of Old Quebec, there are a plethora of family-friendly activities, cultural experiences, and historic sites to be enjoyed. This is the top destination for winter festivals, where the whole family can get involved with ice sculpture contests and night parades, all while taking in the historical beauty by day.

Visit Nature’s Playground: Banff National Park, AB

Banff plays host to some of the most breathtaking landscapes, while being home to diverse wildlife that is not to be missed. With family-friendly hiking, outdoor activities, and even hot springs to relax in, there really is something for everyone here.

Find Lakeside Serenity in Muskoka, ON

If you are looking to slow down the pace and really let the stresses and strains of home life melt away, Muskoka has so many tranquil lakes and family friendly resorts where outdoor recreation is the name of the game. Why not explore cottage country, take part in water activities, and soak up the natural beauty with a true breath of fresh air?

Why is Canada so popular with holidaymakers?

As you can see, no matter where you go in Canada, you’ll be able to build a wonderful family holiday. Attractions and activities are diverse across the board, and all of this is backed up by some of the most stunning landscapes and vistas in the entire world. If anything on this list is piquing your interest, don’t hesitate to plan your accommodations and more with Cozycozy, Canada’s largest vacation rental and hotel search comparison site.

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