Career Change: What Will You Choose for Yourself?

Career Change: What Will You Choose for Yourself? 1

Are you looking for a career change? If you are immigrating to Canada, chances are you need to take a relook at your career options. If you do not have an education in Canada, it will be difficult to find a job. Many immigrants find themselves starting with a different line of work altogether. By the time they are in Canada for a while, find that they are doing great at something else. And some take a look at their second career choice from before, studying in a Canadian institution to get that elusive Canadian work experience.

Choosing a different career altogether, requires a lot of guts. It is not as easy as switching jobs.

Millions of people around the world are giving themselves a second chance at opting for a different career.

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In America, almost 9 million people who fall in the age group of 44 to 70 are now opting for a career change.

Why Should You Go for Career Change?

Encore career is the career that you choose in the second half of your professional life. The encore career will still let the income flowing and is also good for making a social impact.

The encore career that you choose could also be a lifelong dream that you could not fulfill earlier due to shortage of money, or any other reason.

Why people choose encore careers at this point in their life?

The people who go for this total career change in the second innings of their professional journey are the ones who never had the opportunity to pursue that career when they were young, or there were not enough career growth scope in that area.

How much risk is there?

It is nerve-wrenching to even think about choosing a different career from what you have been doing all this year. Choosing a field entirely different from what you have learned your whole life is hard.

But, what you are good at may not always be the best thing for you to do.

Choosing your hobbies as you encore career

If you choose a hobby as your encore career then the transition will be very smooth. The career will be more fulfilling than what you were doing all these years.


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