Casinos in British Columbia reopening after 16 months

With a slump in the number of COVID-19 cases and more than 70% of adults already vaccinated with the first dose, B.C. is on level 3 of its Restart plan.

And casinos in the province are finally gearing towards reopening after 16 whole months. 

The Ontario Based Company, Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, released a statement announcing the reopening of its nine casino venues from July 1st. Well, they are operating round the clock since then. The announcement came into effect after the statement by Premier John Horgan with cabinet members and Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer, in a press conference in late June. 

Casinos in British Columbia
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Let’s see which venues are open and which are yet to be. But it’s indeed good news for all the pro gamblers and casino enthusiasts.


BC’s Step 3 of its Restart Plan

With 80% of adults vaccinated and hospitals seeing a marginal number of coronavirus patients and deaths, the 16 months of the shutdown has come to an end. In step 3 of Canada’s restart plan, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and casinos are bracing towards a reduced capacity. 


After more than a year of online gambling, when the iGaming industry released hundreds of casino bonuses to attract players who were unable to visit brick-and-mortar venues, punters are in for a treat. Casinos will accommodate 50 percent for now, and the slot bookings are limited to 50 percent at a time. The food and beverage section will also be functioning, but the service will be limited until further notice. 


It’s a piece of great news for gambling enthusiasts who are itching to play their favorite casino games in a land-based casino and experience the authentic vibe all again. Though the live table and slot machine capacity will be limited, the long-awaited day has finally arrived. 

Opening of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation Properties

The US casinos opened pretty early with a huge mass of adults getting jabbed early on; it saw a huge influx of gamblers heading to the venues with performances at their all-time high. 

The situation was the opposite in Canada. Only one out of the 26 casino avenues of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation was open in the past few months. But now, more than half the properties are set to reopen during the recovery phase. The casinos are available to the public for twenty-four hours, every day. 

Below are the casinos operating in full swing since July 1st:

  •  River Rock Casino Resort 
  •  Chances Maple Ridge 
  •  Elements Casino Victoria 
  •  Elements Casino Chilliwack 
  •  Hard Rock Casino Vancouver 
  •  Chances Dawson Creek
  •  Hastings Racecourse 
  • Casino Nanaimo 
  • Elements Casino Surrey 


The gambling resorts are open only in British Columbia and not in other provinces as they step behind with the recovery. Ontario is in step 2 of the restart phase, and casinos are said to open in the next three weeks as they move to step 3. 

Some of the leading companies that operate in Ontario are Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, Ceaser’s Entertainment, and Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, with 14 casino properties. It was said that once 25% of adults are fully vaccinated (both first and second dose) and 75% are immunized with at least the first dose, the restrictions will be lifted. Now, that’s done. 

Things to Keep in Mind

When heading to the venues, these are some of the measures and restrictions currently in place:

  • Mandatorily cover your face before and after entering the casino
  • Individuals will not be allowed to enter if any flu-like symptoms are detected
  • The physical distance of 2 meters should be maintained at all times
  • Keeping hands sanitized is a must 
  • Check the availability of slots on the official websites before going
  • Food and beverage will be limited, and its availability needs to be checked on the website 

The reopening of casinos in British Columbia is a piece of wonderful news for casinos and players as well. Operators are maintaining safety measures and are ensuring all protocols are met. And individuals are expected to adhere to the instructions as they enter the casinos. It seems casinos have been working hard during the pandemic to bring in new games and amazing stuff for players as all the casinos are set to open for the public gradually.  

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